How many shaves to one blade?

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  1. I use my blades once Perfect shave every time. 2 days off then 1 shaving session, two days off then again. my skin loves it.
  2. I get 5 shaves from my Derbys and 5 from my Bluebirds. I cork them before using them but all 5 of those shaves are perfect. I only throw them out because I don't want to risk having a bad shave. However, I feel they could last longer.
  3. oh wow.. so I could use my blades at least twice and get a good shave out of them then. Right now I am using the Personna brand.
  4. I have pretty much settled on Astras and Feathers. I find that I can get 4 good shaves from each brand. I don't push it, blades are cheap.

  5. That's nice that you've found what works for you. Whatever blade I use gets canned after 4 shaves. Works for me, and of course YMMV. :thumbup1:
  6. +1
  7. about 7 shaves to a feather blade usually the Professional blade experimenting with the light now. Supers last far longer but start off far more aggressive.
  8. It all depends on which brand of blade I'm using and how thick the beard is at the time. Only 2 brands that I get a consistent 5-7 days out of are the Feather and the Dorco 300 stainless. All of the others I have tried have averaged 3-4 max. b4 tossing them.
  9. Seven with my Derby's. The last two days are weekend days when I can spend a little more time. Sometimes my seventh shave is the best!?!
  10. four shaves is the limit i have set myself, whether this be 4 x 1 day shaves or the more usual 2 days of twice a day shaving.
  11. Moe


    I get four good shaves out of the Red Pack Personnas, Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow, and Super Iridium. That's three passes per shave usually with a little touch up. I've gone five shaves on all of them, and while adequate, not worth it. Sometimes I pitch the blade after 3 shaves so I can stay on a new blade every Sunday (and Thursday or so) routine.
  12. Just finished 11 on a Kai using blade maintenance after the 3rd shave. Usually 4-5.

    The experiment continues . . .

  13. Normally, around 5-6 shaves per blade. However, I may get 20 shaves out of this one blade I am using now, a Personna 74. :thumbup:
  14. I only shave every other day so 2-3 shaves depending the blade.
  15. Usually use Gillette 7 O'clocks (yellow). I get 4-5 shaves per blade.
  16. I use Feather blades and i change every 2 shaves.
  17. I use my 7 O'Clock Yellows 2 times. I have gone 3 times but I figure as inexpensive as they are twice is enough. I remember that my third shaves were not nearly as good. I use IPs in my old type and I do 2 with them as well. What I do is shave once, flip the blade over, then toss them after the second shave.
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  18. I generally get 5-6 shaves with red IP's and Derby's but can go to 7 if I'm careful with the IP's. Feathers ---5 or6 but I don't use them too often. Don't like to concentrate too much----especially first thing in the AM .

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