How many shaves do you get from one blade?

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How many shaves before throwing away a blade?

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  1. Hey Gents,

    How many shaves do you perform before trashing a blade?
  2. Between 5 and 8 shaves for a DE blade for me. Each blade is different

    ***** EDIT: For reference I do a 4 pass shave every day.
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  3. five to six for me most blades
  4. 7 for me.
  5. mdevine

    mdevine Moderator Contributor

    I usually change after five shaves. I can push an Iridium or a Med Prep a little further but it just isn't worth it.
  6. You know..I was SO tempted to post some kind of flip reply here..........nah.
  7. While every blade is different, I'll often change it after 4 shaves. Sometimes if the blade is feeling pretty good I'll stretch it to 5 shaves. But with the cost of blades its just not worth the risk of irritation to try for too many.
  8. I always replace after my 4th shave. Could get more out of them, but enjoy fresh blades.
  9. 4 the answer is 4
  10. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    I can't vote in your poll because for me it depends on the blade.

    Here is my score for the blades I am currently using or have used this past year.

    • Personna Reds: 4.
    • Feather: 2
    • Gillette Russian Yellows: 4
    • Personna Med or Lab Grade blades: 6 to 7.
    • Bolzano: 4
    • Lord (SS, platinum, or chrome): 4
    • Astra: 3
    • Derby: 3

    So as you can see my answer is from 2 to 7, depending upon the blade.
  11. It really depneds on how many pass shave most are doing.
  12. 1 shave and then I toss it. I shave face and head too. Plus, the feel of a fresh blade in the morning is awesome.

    It ain't about the money IMHO, if it was I'd have just one razor, or I'd be using cheap drugstore disposables.
  13. Two
  14. DE blade = 4 shaves, depending on the blade
    SE blade = 5-15 depending on the blade (Feather SE blades usually last 10-15 shaves)
  15. Till it feels dull, it stays in the razor.
  16. I get two uses out of every blade. The only brand i can push to three is the Gillette Sharp Edge, but that third shave has questionable quality. Blades are cheap enough, so no need to treat them like carts.
  17. SOS


    4 shaves and then I toss it, but in a pinch I could get 5 to 6 out of almost every blade brand I use. The best shave is always the second day for me.
  18. I only use Feathers. 4 for sure maybe 5.
  19. I have no hesitation about changing blades if I detect a problem, but usually change them the first shave of the work week. Then I get 5-7 shaves out of each one, depending on whether I stay at the apartment or head home for the weekend.
  20. Niles

    Niles Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    +1. This usually means around four shaves for me.

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