How many shaves do you get from a Derby Extra blade?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by Shave, Mar 8, 2009.

How many shaves do you get from a Derby Extra blade?

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  1. Its not about how long you can stretch a blade. Not even about how many passes you make. Its about how many times you usually shave with a Derby Extra blade.

    Feel free to elaborate on details in the thread.
  2. They're cheap. :biggrin:
  3. For me it is usually up to 4 shaves. I've had a few that I threw out during the first shave.
  4. i am still pretty new to wetshaving, and these are my go to blade. i only tried something different once. i tried a dorco 301, and that blade made it from my sideburn to my jaw which is about 3 inches or so. then it got tossed and a derby went right back in. i keep it to 3 shaves per blade. i think i could get an extra shave or two out of them, but i don't want to risk razor burn over a few cents. i buy my derby's from amazon 14.99 for 100 blades. i think shipping is only a few bucks. pretty good deal for about a year's worth of shaving.
  5. For me it absolutely depends on the razor. Derby's are my go to blades. Regardless of manufacturer or model if I am using a razor for the first time I load up a Derby. I like them because they are the most consistent blade, in the largest variety of razors, which allows me to begin gauging which blade that particular razor likes best. In general I get at least two and no more than four shaves from a Derby. I checked four above.
  6. 3-4 is comfortable.
  7. for me, they are so cheap...that after one shave, I toss them.....but one easy way at least for me to extend the life of any to use different blades for XTG and ATG passes....for example.....I use Derby's to go WTG and then I use a feather to do everything doing this, the Derby lasts longer and so does my feather.....just my 2 cents....
  8. I voted 3, though 4 isn't out of the question.
  9. I find the first shave with a Derby to be a little rough, the second shave is sweet, and by the third shave, it's loosing its edge and starting to drag.
  10. I really can't say, which is why I didn't vote. I don't have a consistent number to go by.

    Switching razors back-and-forth, forgetting how many times it was used, etc.

    They are so inexpensive that I'd rather toss them away than have an unsure feeling about the blade.

  11. I get four which is pretty standard for all the blades I've tried so far. Shave three often seems the best.
  12. I said 3, but I probably could do 4.
  13. SmoovD

    SmoovD Contributor

    Try for three- most times I get there.
  14. IRC I used to get around 5 very comfortable shaves with Derby blades.

    Using the same razor but with a new batch of blades I can now only get 3 shaves. The fourth drags a little bit and I toss it.

    Did anyone experienced something similar?
  15. I generally get 3 good shaves when I use a Derby. I toss them after that, they are cheap enough!!!!
  16. I get 3 to 4 out of mine.
  17. I used to get 3 or 4, but after using better technique (read no pressure) I am able to get 7 shaves per blade.
  18. +1 exactly for me.
  19. I get 4-5 shaves from my Derby's.

  20. I'm not sure yet as I'm still on my first blade :biggrin:

    So far I've gotten 3 shaves, each of which was with a minimum of 2 passes (one WTG one ATG) and I've also gotten the back of my neck. When I put the razor down today after shave 3, I think it definitely felt sharp enough I have no qualms saying I'll be at #4 tomorrow. Either I've got a really good blade or I can get basically 5 shaves out of them with no troubles.

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