How many blades do you have stockpiled?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by awa54, Mar 10, 2012.

How many blades do you have stockpiled?

  1. 10 or less

  2. 11 to 50

  3. 51 to 100

  4. 101 to 200

  5. 200 or more

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  1. Are you preparing for the Shavepocalypse, suffering from BAD, or do you actually need more blades?

    I was in the 11 to 50 bracket until my brick of Astras arrived yesterday :D The folks who have multiple 100 packs of blades always amaze/amuse me, since at an average of three shaves a blade, six shaves a week a 100 pack will yield a years worth of shaving...
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  2. Around 3,700, mainly Iridiums and Med Preps, though I'm starting to acquire NOS Spoilers and Schick Plus Platinums.

    Maybe just a few more and I'll be done......... :shaving:
  3. jtb


    Blades are so cheap that if you like a blade picking up 100 doesn't break the bank. For me, I have a local place I can go to. For $20 I can leave with 200 blades I like.
  4. bobusa

    bobusa Contributor

    Around 7000
  5. !00-200 and not going down fast due to straights.
  6. This sort of thing has been done to death, but you will find that the top poll option of 200 blades is much to small for many around here.

    I'm at 12,000 blades right now. Half my stash is made up of 4,000 NOS GBE's and 2000 Gillette Dark Platinums (aka Blue Platinums, Navy Platinums, or Maltese Platinums).
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  7. I have a life-time supply of blades, and most everything else.

    -- John Gehman
  8. Less than 1000, but growing as we speak.
  9. Getting close to 2000
  10. When you think stockpiling starts at 200 blades you really must be new to the game...:lol:

    I am definitely above 200 with around 3,600 blades and yes, I am prepared for a DE disaster with that amount.
  11. 200 or more... a bit vague, init?

    EDIT: Sorry, I voted over 200 (about 390 blades).
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  12. I've only got a little over 200 :blush:
  13. About 300 here, and 200 at the inlaws (they live abroad hence me having a stash/2nd den there)
  14. I feel weak with only ~225 of my favorite blades along with an additional 50 or so with small packs from samplers.
  15. I was in the lower end until I went for a 100 Astras and 100 Personna Labs, now at about 240. To make this poll more meaningful, the survey increments should reflect that most respondents are well above the 200 mark. Perhaps something like 001-100, 101-200, 301-400, over 500, over 1,000. Many B&B'ers have counts over 1,000.
  16. I have like 68. I have given away most all my other blades to a coworker I got started DE shaving. I do however plan on buying more, and trying different blades. And since I found the blade I like for dirt cheap on ebay I may just go that route and buy a couple hundred...
  17. Probably close to 400 - DE & SE blades. Gillette Yellows & Blacks, ASTRAS SP, GEM PTFE SE and misc DE blades.

    Gee, I didn't realize I was so low on blades ... need to order some more right away!
  18. Hilarious!
  19. About a 1000!

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