How long does it take you to shave, seriously?

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  1. I've been method shaving for two years now. I talk to CAR consistently and enjoy the information. One thing he always says is how fast method shaving is, and how he's in and out in 10 minutes. This is and has been completely impossible for me. The fastest I've been able to complete a good shave is 20 minutes. And I can go as long as 40 minutes when things aren't going well (it's rare). I would say 20-25 minutes average.

    So, I'd like to know how long it takes you guys to shave. I'm talking about the whole process, starting from soaking the cube and brush until you apply the moisturizer to the finished result.

    Here's my process(in minutes):

    Soak the brush/cube, lather, paste, etc.

    first/second pass going N-S. This can go as long as 15 minutes if I've skipped a day or two, or if I get caught trying to clear a certain area. i have certain trouble spots where it's just crazy hard trying to clear it.

    second/third passes

    trying to perfect the shave. Sometimes, the passes won't do anything to my "trouble" areas and I have to continually redo those spots.

    water down and finish

    About the youtube videos, I never can shave that quickly. He just swipes one long swipe for each pass and he's done. No way, I have to use short, little swipes repeated 2-3 times for each of his long swipes.
  2. I am not a method shaver but my shaves take about 45 minutes if I want to do it like it should be done with a hot towel treatment etc. For that reason I hardly ever shave in the morning anymore. I like to take me time and I've found that shaving in the evening is far more relaxing. I also believe my skin benefits from the fact that it has time to 'heal' during the night.
  3. 0-4 minutes
    Before shower put hot tap water in Moss Scuttle and start microwave with wet towel in it.
    1. Get out of the shower and apply towel that is finished in microwave and tie to face after applying Proraso pre-shave.
    2. Strop razor and make lather and apply to face.
    4-6 minutes
    Make first N-S pass but I make it in a V from ear to chin because that is the most efficient way for my face and go regular N-S on neck.

    Make a Chin-ear pass on the face and a very light ATG pass on my neck, I mean very light.

    Make an ear to center pass along the jaw line and then final AGT pass on my neck.

    I make an ATG on my face and upper lip area.

    Touch up in my normal problem areas and rinse, splash Witchazel, clean and oil razor, apply balm, and put on undershirt, apply cologne and I am done!:w00t:

    I am always looking to cut time. On weekends I take my time and it takes about 40 minutes. When I am going to work or the gym I do not have the time to enjoy the shave just the effects of one, which are very good!

    Take Care,
  4. I also shave at night. I find I am too sloppy, and don't enjoy the shave the same way in the mornings. But I do seem to be a lot faster than you guys.

    I skip a lot of the pre-shave steps you guys do, but a fast shave can take me 10 minutes, and a long BBS shave may take me 15.

    To start I strop my blade. 30-40 passes on each side, takes maybe 90 seconds.

    Then I get my soap lathered. I put about a kidney bean sized blob of Prorazo in a bowl, mix it with a few drops of HOT water, and whisk it with my brush for about 90 seconds. That softens up the brush and prepares the lather.

    Then I put the corner of a towel in hot water from the faucet, and repeatedly hold it to my face in different spots. after every time I touch my face, re-wet the towel to keep it hot. takes about 60 seconds, and leaves my face wet.

    What's that? 2.5 mins in? That sounds about right. I'm shave ready.

    I apply the lather with my brush, takes about 15 seconds.

    Depending on the sensitivity of the area, I start shaving with either WTG, or XWTG passes. takes about 2 minutes.

    Then I re-lather another 15 seconds

    Then I shave with -depending on the sensitivity of the area- either XWTG, 90XTG, or XATG. probably 90 seconds for this pass.

    Re-Lather another 15 seconds.

    Third pass is a seek and destroy pass. I use my pointer, and middle finger, and go in little circles. if I find any stubble anywhere I go either ATG, or XATG, to eliminate it. I cover my whole face in anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes, depending on how picky I feel that day.

    Once satisfied I grab that towel I had earlier with a wet corner. I use the wet section to clean my face, then I use another section to dry my face. takes 45 seconds.

    With without any lather, I shape my goatee, and make sure I didn't miss any whiskers right under my nose. takes 45 seconds.

    Then I apply a liquid aftershave with my hands, -takes 15 seconds- and I'm done.

    Now there is a lot of wasted time between steps. like taking off lids and such. so even though when you add the steps together, you get 9mins 30seconds - 13mins 30 seconds.... a more realistic time is 10-15 minutes.

    I posted a video a few weeks back, but have changed a little bit since then. I have gotten faster at shaving, and I use Proraso now instead of the canned goo.

    Here is a 9min 18 second shave of me. That time doesn't include stropping, making a lather with Proraso, preping the face.... so you could theoretically add an extra 2 mins. BUT, I have gotten a little faster at shaving. So 10-15 mins remains a decent estimate for me. Maybe I will make a new... all inclusive video.

    Just realized you guys are probably talking about Shaving with DEs. The above applies to a straight razor. Maybe the longer blade shortens shave time? I have never tried shaving with a DE.
  5. I can do a method shave in 10 minutes, but that's rushing a little and I don't like to do that. 15 minutes comfortable.

    If I'm shaving in the shower It's between 5 and 10 minutes easy.
  7. like people say, if you love your boss - shave in morning, if you love your wife - in evening :)
  8. I start off by applying warm water over my head for about 1 minute, then apply shaving cream and start shaving the whole process takes me about 5 to 8 minutes for a clean shave
  9. I have no idea exactly how long it takes me. A task which you don't like that actually takes a short time can seem to last a life time. Where as a task that you enjoy doing no matter how long it takes you seems to be over in an instant.
  10. The more time the better I say hehehe
  11. Shower and a shave about an hour. Always in the evenings, I want to be able to take my time. Shave on it's own 20-40 mind depending on whether or not I'm practicing with my straight.
  12. depends but most shaves take me around 15-20 min. after shower
    if im in a hurry I go WTG only and can take about 5 min.
  13. Probably about 10 minutes if it's a work day, maybe 15 on the weekend.
  14. Work days about 10 minutes (passable shaves) but weekends are mine...about 20 minutes or so...
  15. castlecraver

    castlecraver Moderator Emeritus

    About 15 minutes I'd say. Maybe a tick longer on the weekends, but I usually get BBS either way.
  16. Enjoying a relaxing shower and shave is something that will take time. But it is during this time I forget all about everything else. Clear my mind and enjoy the shave. Usually 1 hour pretty much is the norm for me. I find the more you hurry in the mornings, the worse you'll feel. The extra 10-15 minutes of sleep after your alarm goes off isn't worth it. Takes a lot of discipline but it can be done. My philosophy is to take my time during my shower and shave, and everything else just seems to go right.
  17. dpm802

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    Shower, shampoo, shave, brush my teeth, comb my hair and cleanup ... about 45 minutes.

    If its just a shave that day, about 15 minutes from face-wash to cleaning up.

    I can easily, consistently get a BBS shave in 15 minutes ... if I'm only going for DFS, skip using a brush and lather directly to my face by hand, I can cut that time almost in half. If I have new products to play with ... figure 10~15 minutes extra.

    If I'm rushed for time, though ... I don't bother to shave. Why do it if you can't get it right?

    Whatever you do, don't skip any prep-steps to save time. If anything, trim some minutes of the back end, by using less passes, or leaving the clean-up for later.
  18. Takes me about 45min if i shower/shave, 30min if i just shave. To me it's not worth shaving if i can't enjoy it completely. Plus it makes me feel as if i'm ready for whatever the day throws at me. :lol:
  19. 30-40 min from shower to finished product
  20. +1 Same here. 2 WTG, 1 XTG, plus some buffing usually clocks me in around 35 min.

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