How long does a badger brush need to dry between uses?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Doug123, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Just wondered what people thought.

    I think I read you should use a boar every other day because it needs extra time to dry.

    My badger always feels dry even when I use it every day.

    They dry a lot faster and using every day is not a problem, right?

  2. My badger brush is always dry the next morning.
  3. You can use it ever day. After I use one of mine , I squeeze the bristles with a towel and brush the bristles on a towel to dry it. It will dry in a few hours.
  4. OK, thanks guys...
  5. When I get home from work in the evenings I comb the brush with my pocket comb. I think that helps in the drying process.
  6. brianw

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    Now thats what I call badger love
  7. mdunn

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    you can use it day by day if it has time to dry out.

    a very good excuse for a couple of brushes though :biggrin:
  8. I assume a lot of environmental variables apply.

    Here in AZ the brush is dry extremely quickly; max half a day. I have never noticed a wet brush except right after shaving.
  9. That was proably one of my posts. But I never said should, or that it has to be a boar (I just found that more affordable than buying another badger).

    But it depends on the density of your brush and your climate/bathroom temp. I live in a hot part of the world, but my brush won't dry in 24hrs during winter, so I got a back up boar. Since then 2 more, but that's another story...

    I pride myself on not treating my kit like they're kids, but a $100 brush isn't something I want to replace. My first was returned for shedding, prima donnas that they are...
  10. According to a marvelous article I read about boar brushes, boar actually holds water because it's somewhat absorbed, where badger doesn't actually absorb water. My boar always takes longer, where as multiple types of badger (best, finest, silvertip) all dry very quickly.
  11. Same here.

    Back in the days of yore when wet shaving was common, I don't remember my Grandfather having a rotation of brushes, razors, etc.
    He shaved, and next morning he shaved again.

    Simple. Just the way I like it. :laugh:

    Don't get me wrong: It's fun having different razors, soaps, aftershaves, etc. I am an admitted aftershave junkie myself. But when it gets down to it, a nice, enjoyable shave is all I really want. :001_smile
  12. My boar is always dry the next morning ~24hrs
  13. jtb


    Doe's it really matter if it's dry the next day? It's gonna get wet again right?

    I really don't pay attention since I live in Arizona. I do have two brushes, one boar and one badger, but I don't rotate them daily.
  14. My drying time experience disagrees with that article, in that the situation is reversed. Just another example of mileage variance.
  15. My experiences in a part of the world known for variable humidity (Atlanta) agree with yours. I shake brushes as dry as possible and air them thoroughly, but my boars are still damp the next day. depends on knot size and density. Feeling up the Tulip T2 24 hours later, still a tad damp. Duke 1 would have been dry. Wee Scot dries quite quickly.

    - Bill
  16. Knot up or knot down? That is the question!

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