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  1. So I was having a look at this thread:

    And it made me wonder...

    I just bought a sight unseen from whippeddog and have been using it every day for 11 days now. I have noticed a slight decline in the quality of my shaves despite the fact that my technique has improved vastly already. I have been stropping on leather 20 times both pre- and post-shave (good? bad?) And I have used the balsa paste twice now.

    I guess my question is how often should I be using the paste? Am I stropping enough or too much (assuming my technique is decent, which it may not be)? Should I even expect to be able to tell a difference in keenness of edge after only 11 shaves, or am I probably not experienced enough to notice?

    The blade still feels extremely keen to me when shaving my cheeks (even xtg), but it really chokes on my upper lip, even wtg. Is that (probably) due to my technique?

    Despite all the questions, I'm not in a panic. I'm actually enjoying this new journey quite a lot! Any input is welcome.

    Thanks again!
  2. I would suggest you do more laps on the leather before shaving, anywhere from 50 to 100 round trip laps.

    How many laps are you doing on the balsa. You need maybe 10-20 down and back laps on that, once every 5-10 shaves sounds reasonable.

    Hair on the upper lip is very dense so it makes sense that you feel the most resistance there, some force is ok, (firm pressure with the stroke, down not into the skin).
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    +1. 20 laps aren't enough. I normally do 30 linen/suede 40 leather.

    You should go to the balsa when you feel the edge isn't up to par. As long as you catch the edge before it gets too dull the balsa should keep you going for a while.
  4. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it! :biggrin1:
  5. +1 more laps. Most of what I have read here says atleast 50 laps pre-shave

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