How fat do you guys like these suckers?

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  1. what is your favorite width on a hanging strop?
  2. I do like a wide strop. My Dovo Russian "Extra Wide" strop is just right. It comes in slightly over 3 inches. I included a picture for comparison.
    Left to right:
    Illinois #127 at 2 1/2 inches
    Tony Miller #2 at 2 1/2 inches
    Strop by Damon at 2 3/4 inches
    Dovo Russian Extra Wide at 3 1/8 inches
    All my strops are great but that Dovo is my newest and has a special place in my shaving shrine. :tongue_sm

  3. My first was a Dovo 3 1/8" like Ernest's and I just recently purchased one of Tony Miller's 3" Latigo's......I very much prefer the wider strops....and hones!
  4. jlander

    jlander Moderator Emeritus

    Tony Miller's 3" Heirloom.
  5. Tony Miller's 3" Heirloom Red Latigo # 1
  6. htownmmm

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    The title grabs me every time!

  7. Well I'll be different. I prefer narrow ones. I have several vintage strops 2.5 inches and two TMs a 2.5 inch heirloom and a wider horse and though the horse it a primo strop, in general there is more of a problem with cupping with wider strops. If you use an X motion while stropping the width is immaterial.
  8. Make mine another vote for the narrower hones and strops. 2 1/2 for both works fine for me.

  9. I loved my 2.5" miller strop..........until I got my 3".
  10. like the ladies say; it's not the length, it's the width that matters.

    I prefer a 3" myself.
  11. I prefer a 1 3/4" to 2" hanging strop.
  12. netsurfr

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    I like the wider strops. 3" feels really good.
  13. Wider is faster and easier, narrower works just as well with ajust a tad more effort. Many insist that the X-pattern is important and to me at least the 2 1/2" width looks right.

    That said though hanging on my bathroom wall are a pair of 3" strops simply because I have not worn them out yet after making them as prototypes for my Paragon and Artisan models.

  14. The 3" Heirloom Red Latigo # 1 I bought works just fine. Mark me down as "Wider Is Better".
  15. jlander

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    Well, if you want to get specific....:biggrin:

    TM Artisan 3" Black Latigo/Brushed Horse Hide
    TM Artisan 3" Linen/Canvas
  16. I prefer wider strops i started out with a 2" Dovo now using a 2 1/2" Illinois and will hopefully soon be ordering a 3" artisan red latigo strop.

  17. I want to get that DOVO 3 1/8" but it doesnt have the linen/canvas side. Is that necessary anyway? Also, is 3" wide enough to go straight back and forth without the X?

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