How does Witch Hazel smell?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by JdB, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. JdB


    I need something that's good for my skin after shaving. After all, my skin needs to be ready for the next shave asap:smile:!

    I have both Musgo Real Balsam and Swiss Pitralon at the moment. Fine products from Old Europe.

    Witch Hazel seems to be quite popular in the U.S. for it's healing and toning capabilities. As far as I know, it's not really common at this side of the ocean.

    Thayer's seems to be a good choice. Before I order anything:

    • What does it smell like?

    • Should I use another Aftershave or lotion on top or is Witch Hazel all I need to heal my skin after the shave?

    Pleased to hear your opinions!
  2. DSB


    I really don't like the smell of witch hazel.

    Try the Thayer's unscented witch hazel. It truly has NO scent what so ever. It's great!
  3. I have Dickinson's. It smells--distinct. Can't really describe it, but it's very earthy. It doesn't last though, and the product is great.

    Plus, the more you use it, the more you grow to like it. I know actually sort of enjoy its scent, although at first I considered it sort of gross.
  4. Pure witch hazel usually smells terrible. Try the Thayers scented or unscented one's if the smell is important to you. Otherwise, any drugstore one works and the good news is that the smell doesn't usually linger for longer than a few seconds.
  5. Witch Hazel smells medicinal; there's no other way to put it. Most people don't seem to like its scent, but I quite enjoy it. And if you appreciate Swiss Pitralon something tells me you might find Witch Hazel interesting.
    If you want to try some European WH there's a good English brand (Bell's) that is available through some British Internet pharmacies, like this one. It's cheap and does the job well.
  6. I use Dickinson's. Don't really like the smell but I've gotten used to it. The smell doesn't really last and I put on aftershave right afterwards
  7. I call it bottled bum piss.
  8. shm


    I'm using the unscented version of Thayer's, and I can only recommend it.
    I haven't tried the scented ones, since I want to be sure it doesn't conflict with my aftershaves in any way.
    Thayer's isn't only witch hazel though, it also contains aloe vera and vitamin E among others.
  9. I use Dickinson's and it smells just like Bacon!:biggrin:
  10. I just started dabbling with Dickinsons. It's mostly unscented, slightly medicinal for just a minute or so. Leaves the face feeling nice.

    I find it basically becomes invisible as any sort of "scent," so if your concern is whether or not it has any sort of "aftershave" smell, I'd say no.

    There's just the couple of minutes when first smacked on where it has any aroma.
  11. There are so many scents I dislike, can't stand or will leave an elevator over but witch hazel is not one of them. Go figure. To me it has almost a hint of wood smoke or maybe a doused wood fire but only very faint. I enjoy it and also have a small bottle with a few drops of bay rum mixed in which gives a whole new slant to things. Very refreshing and toning.
    Tom D.
  12. Thayers lemon smells like... lemon. it's a nice smell. i often get compliments on the smell alone
  13. I was going to say cat piss, but 6 one way...
  14. How does one use witch hazel? Just dab it on the face after washing?
  15. I splash that bum piss all over my face and let it air dry. yummy.
  16. I actually like the smell... :smile:
  17. I enjoy the smell of Thayer's. It's hard to describe, but the smell goes away in 20 minutes or so.
  18. I aggree with the medical smelll post and as i can remember it being used when i was a child for cuts etc that memory is in my mind of the school nurse dabbing it everywhere, i use the type found in chemists and love the stuff and i dont actually mind the smell which does not last long anyway and a shot of a/s will cover it if needs be.
  19. I use Dickensons WH and yeah it has a distinct smell (earthy is about right, reminds me of my dads garage when i was growing up as a kid).

    I've got to be honest and say after about 2 months of using it, now I like it. Its a lot cheaper than thayers, but if you want unscented or an additional scent (lemon/lavender/rose etc) thayers is the go to.

    Following up WH with an after shave balm can be usefull, just to moisterize the skin, I find it also helps heal small nicks.

    Try it for a month or so and see how it works for you. If you can get a Nivea ASB the worst you've done is spent a few bucks to find out you dont need to any more! The best outcome is happier skin!
  20. I use Dickinson's. Smells awful.

    Tastes like chicken.

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