How does the Weishi compare to Shick's Krona?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by DamnFineBob, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Does anybody have both? Are they similar in aggression, shave angle, etc?
  2. Anyone?

    *sound of crickets*

    Don't tell me I have to wait a week for my Weishi to come in from Hong Kong to find out for myself! :mad3:
  3. If find it to be a very mild razor. In fact, I find it too mild for my particular shaving approach. The Krona is more aggressive by comparison. For the most part, the shave angle and mass are comparable.
  4. I think the krona is a very underated razor, i love using mine, always gives a good shave, the weishi i gave away, though the latter is milder if thats what your looking for.
  5. +1 - The Krona is an undiscovered gem of shavegear, low in price for now - until enough people realize how good it is!:thumbup1:
  6. nav



    The Krona is a fantastic razor! Very comfortable to use and very effective. I actually find it much better than a SuperSpeed!

    Grab one before the prices sky-rocket!!!
  7. The Krona is a very fine shaving razor. Very underated.
  8. I have not tried the Krona, but I the Weishi has to be the mildest razor on the market. I found it to be so mild it is basically useless. It's about 1/4 the aggressiveness of a Gillette Tech, which many consider to be a too mild razor.

    I love my Tech, but the Weishi would have required at least double the amount of passes to accomplish the same shave as the Tech. Just not worth it.
  9. Just another guy piling on the praise for the humble Schick Krona here. There's something about the design of the Krona's TTO doors that make it incredibly intuitive to find the proper angle, which makes it great for newbies and old hands as well. It's also just a bit more aggressive than a 40's SS, which I am coming to prefer lately. I also love the longer handle compared to most of Gillette's stable.

    Is it a "classic" design, in the sense of a Bulldog or Fatboy? Hardly. The design smacks of late 50's-early 60's kitch :001_rolle, but it performs well above what you'd expect from just looking at it. It gives a quick and effortless shave every time, and with any soap, cream, or blade - it's almost TOO easy! If I'm rushed for time or getting over a bad shave and want to go easy but still get a great shave, this is the razor that I pick up.:thumbup:

    One added plus for those of us who get their razors by cruising flea markets and antique stores: since it's not a Gillette-branded razor (and hence not percieved as "collectible"), the price is often laughably low for these bad boys. If you see one, pick it up - you won't be sorry!
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  10. I had a good condition krona, the one with the plastic tip and not chrome. It was a pain centering the blade all the time and would often be uneven no matter what I did.

    Shave was too mild for my taste anyways, comparable to a 40's Superspeed.
  11. My Krona is the older design, with the metal TTO knob and no engraving on the silo doors, and I have no blade centering problems with it at all. I have heard, though, that newer models have this fault.

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