How do you respond?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Teddyboy, May 16, 2012.

  1. What is your response when someone asks "Gee, how many friggin' razors do you need?"
  2. If it were my wife asking the question, I would ask her how many pairs of shoes she needs.

  3. "Because I use and collect them."
  4. Depending on who's asking

    - As many as I please. :001_smile
    - None of your business. :closedeye
    - As many as fingers in a fist ! :mad3:
    - Would you have said the same to Monet, about his paintbrushes ? :001_cool:
  5. "They are an art-form"

    As progressive as Portland pretends to be I have had no locals argue with that rationale.
  6. I don't. What business is it of theirs?
  7. "All of them."
  8. SWMBO stopped asking after 5..........
    She knows how obsessive I get with my "hobbies."
  9. Would you prefer a scruffy beard? It can be arranged ya know?
  10. One more. Just one more. (Lather. Rinse. Repeat.)
  11. Just one more!
  12. n + 1 = optimal number of razors
    where n = the number of razors you have
  13. I'd just say "as many as I need".
  14. It's not just shaving, it's an adventure!
  15. The answer is usually "I don't NEED any of them, but I enjoy collecting them."
    That shuts most people up, although my wife still rolls her eyes.
  16. How many whiskers can you count in my stubble!
  17. one for each day of the year
  18. My lady friend asks me this all the time. I always say "Not enough or i would've stopped already."
  19. ....i am buying them to leave to my sons...........
  20. one for each friggin day of the year

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