How do you pay your bills?

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  1. yes, the actual paying of the bills. Not with what or how you get the funds to pay them..

    I payed all my bills for this month last nite & it got me thinking about how you other fine people around the world do it.
    In Sweden pretty much everyone is paying their bills thru their internet bank account.
    Log in with some kind of RSA-type gadget & have at it.
    Or you can go to the bank, which they charge a huge fee for...

    How do You do it?
  2. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    My bills are done by PAP (pre-authorized payment).
    The payments come out of my account automatically.
    i check to see what's happened through the internet Banking.

    Speaking of which, today is payday.
    Time to move some money around!
  3. Dave258

    Dave258 Moderator Emeritus

    I pay 98% of my bills on the Internet using the vendor/company website. I do have my bank account set up where I can pay those same bills directly through my bank website, but sometimes it takes longer for the money to get where it needs to go.
    The bills that I hate paying are the ones that I have to sit down and write checks for and mail! Those companies need to get with the program!
  4. Online through my bank or pre-authorized payment.
  5. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    About 95% via the Internet bank site and 5% by check and credit cards (prepay certain accounts by credit cards to get those wonderful points).
  6. dpm802

    dpm802 Contributor

    I pay most of my bills automatically via the vendor's online website, using the "pull" method, as opposed to the "push" method. I give them my checking account routing and account numbers, and each month they debit my account as needed. And of course, I use Direct Deposit of my paycheck via my employer. I have signed up for paperless billing on all of these. The money flows in and out on time, and my desk is clear of clutter, and my mind is free of of worry and remembering trivial details and dates.

    In the last few months, I have opened a couple credit cards serviced by GE Capital. They play a nasty game where not only do they NOT offer automatic billing, but they never send me a bill. Not even an eMail to announce my statement is ready. This means I have no idea when or for how much my payment is due. This has resulted in quite a few late fees, and dings to my credit score. Watch out for GE Capital. If nothing else, do not request paperless billing when you open an account with them.

    Since my Bankruptcy in 2005, and since I started automatic payments, I have not missed a single payment to anybody in the last 7 years. Thanks to GE Capital, I've missed 5 payments on 3 different accounts this year alone. Watch out for GE Capital.
  7. I set up auto-payments for some, otherwise SWMBO pays them!!!! Unless of course something happens and it needs to be done on the internets - then it becomes my domain
  8. I scan them with my mobile app and send them
  9. luvmysuper

    luvmysuper Moderator Emeritus Contributor

  10. Pay my what, now?
  11. All auto-pay. I ran out of actual paper checks for my account about 2 years ago and have never ordered replacements. I hate paying bills to begin with so not having to think about it much makes it a little better I guess.
  12. Either company website (mortgage, AMEX, student loans), or bank internet bill pay service.
  13. All my bills are "Auto-pay" except my rent. That one I still write a check for!
  14. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    My bills are paid by SWMBO.
  15. Checks and stamps. I'm old, dammit.
  16. +1 I do not trust them newfangled computers and that newfangled computer money.
  17. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    my method as well....hasn't failed me yet..
  18. I pay 98% of mine via electronic transfers through my bank. The remaining 2% are wankers that refuse to move into modern times, I have my bank mail them a check for me, which is nice really..saves me writing it out and using a stamp.
  19. This, in part, at least for the houses. They keep wanting to do bi-weekly (which has advantages for some) if I ask about auto payment.
    auto pay through the credit cards, cable, electric (had to for flat billing) and a few other companies.

    It will be nice when the last credit card is paid off (should be in about 8 months at my current pay down)

  20. I write old fashioned checks. That's the only thing I write checks for but I still prefer it that way for traceability and evidence.

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