How do you get past the smell of witch hazel?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by packerfan, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. I bought a bottle of Dickensons Witch Hazel today at walmart. I opened to bottle when I got home and was greeted with a wicked stentch. Everyone here talks about how they love this stuff, but I'm not sure that I will be able to get used to the smell, in order to actually apply it to my face.
  2. At first I didn't like it but I quickly got used to it and now I actually like it.
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  4. I don't think many here actually like the smell of the stuff, just love the effect it has on skin. Luckily, the stench only lasts for a few minutes and any aftershave you use will fully destroy any remaining odor.
    What's your take on the smell? To me it smells like dust from the Salt Flats mixed with hot dog juice :001_rolle
  5. I don't think I have gotten to like the smell itself. I have gotten to like the results of using it and there for am starting to associate the smell with a pleasurable shaving routine. Give it time seems to be the best answer.
  6. Odd scent but it never seems to linger so it doesn't bother me. :001_smile
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    I used generic Witch Hazel for a long time. The scent was pretty mild, and it got covered up by ASL, ASB and EdT anyway.

    Recently, I upgraded to Thayer's Lavender, and it smells good enough that I don't have to cover it up if I don't want to. Sometimes, I splash it on after washing my face, without shaving, so that it tones up my skin. And its not just for use on your face, either. I often apply it on my neck and shoulders, and from the hands up to my elbows.
  8. I dont let is past me. I embrace it!
  9. I guess sensitivity to the scent varies, but I find it very fleeting.

    Seems like the sort odd campfire smell subsides after a minute with me. If you're justy reacting to smelling it out of the bottle you may perceive that smell is going to stay with you like an AS. It won't.

    I finish face with AOS scented balm, Coral Skin Food or unscented Nivea.
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    you get used to it. plus the scent doesnt hang around, which is good
  11. Smell disappears before it bothers me, but my wife still uses Sea Breeze because she can't get past the smell of witch hazel. With witch hazel, the soaps and the balms for shaving, the skin on my face has never felt better.

  12. +1

    I actually have 3 types of Alcohol Free Thayer's Witch Hazel with Aloe. Original, Rose and Lavender. All great!
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    I use Thayers unscented witch hazel. It is odorless.
  14. I've had hotdogs on the salt flats they don't smell like witchhazel :laugh:
  15. I use Thayers Superhazel which has a scent similar to Bay Rum.
  16. My Dickinson's WH has a pretty bad smell, I just hold my breath during application. The scent fades rather quickly and the rewards are well worth it...
  17. I don't, I use Thayers. :biggrin:
  18. I mix in some of my favorite aftershave and shake it up.
  19. After a week or so of usage you'll develop a little bit of a "miner's nose" for the scent, and it shouldn't bug you as much then. I don't even really notice the scent anymore.
  20. This.

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