How do you decide which scent to use at a particular time?

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  1. I post it here because it applies to soaps, creams, AS, EDT, bath soaps, ...

    For our bath soaps (we just purchased all the Porto Claus soaps because we couldn't decide on the scents and to profit from the free shipping), we devided the scents as male and female. (9 for me and 10 for my wife).
    Then we divided our parts in autumn/winter soaps and spring/summer soaps.
    So my wife and I use both 4 soaps in rotation now (routine is boring, no?).

    Now I'm planning to do this with my shaving soaps as well. I have around 15 soaps at this moment and 3 more on the way (and it won't stop there).
    I have a preference to the more lighter and/or floral scents at this time of the year and will be using the heavier scents during autumn/winter with the exception of the very moisterizing soaps which I will be using whole year.

    How do you guys decide what to use on a particular day?
    Fixed rotation?
  2. I choose by impulse, of course!

    and with many many soaps, creams, razors, blades, brushes, AS, balms, colognes....

    there are perhaps an unlimited number of combinations!

    ain't it great?
  3. Same for me, although I do tend to use a "line" of products when I have them (for example, I tend to use Tabac AS on the days when I use Tabac SS).

    No rules -- just enjoy!
  4. I'm a girl, and don't use shaving soap other than on my legs. But I am a soakmaker (from scratch) and I have anywhere between 10 and 25 bars of soap in my bathroom at any given time that are being used. Between the ones I make and those that given to me by other soapmaking friends. Ok that and the fact i'm a FO HO............ I LOVE SOAP


    When it comes to using one i just use the closest one or the one at the top or one that grabs my eye. But sometimes i'm just in a mood to use one particular scent so i grab that one.
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  5. Krissy, what is a FO HO?


    I pick whatever I haven't used yet, as I have a ton of samples to go through. Once I fighure out what I like, I'll get a few full size products and choose from them as the mood takes me! :biggrin:
  6. Well FO stands for Fragrance Oil and well HO...... that explains it's self. Someone who has a lot of fragrance oils and scents and can't get enough of them.
  7. Impulse, although heavily influenced by mood and weather.

    Hot sunny day I'm gonna use something light, fresh, possibly fruity (like SCS coconut ASM).

    Cold, windy, rainy I'll use a thicker, warmer scent.
  8. Impulse as well. But similarly to the poster above, I think my impulse is slightly impacted upon by the weather. I also see what shape my skin is in on a particular day and decide if I need something moisturizing, or maybe a thick lather for more protection, etc...
  9. My chosing is most impacted by the weather, and the time of the day I'm shaving. For example, if its an early summer morning, Ill chose Proraso to give me that jolt to really wake me up (Gotta love that menthol). However, if its a cool winter evening, I'll use something more like C&E nomad, which is dark and spicy.
  10. The Nid Hog

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    I think that there is some deep, unconscious process going on inside me that appears in certain things like the scents I choose at any given time. Like a zen swordsman, I get up and go with whatever occurs to me at the moment. Afterward, I stop and think about why I put it together that way.
  11. What's a zen swordsman? Did you just make that up?:wink:

    +1 except I'd say I'm somewhat (not heavily) influenced by the weather. I also change products almost every day and rarely use something more than two days in a row. If I have a product line (e.g., AOS Sandalwood soap, AS and EdT) I'll often use them together, but I don't have many of these.
  12. The Nid Hog

    The Nid Hog Moderator Emeritus

    Nah, they're just like any other wetshaver--just use a longer blade.
  13. It's random. That's the fun of wet shaving.
  14. When I get home from work and change, I make a somewhat quick, yet thoughtfully fun decision about what to use, and put in my shave area. The next day, I might use what I chose, or choose something totally different.

    +1 for impulse plus another +1 for choice, a lethal combination.
  15. I prefer thicker scents for the most part. If I shave earlier I stick with that if later in the day I seem to default to Proraso. All my other regulars are tallow and they just seem, regardless of scent, better suited to crisp weather.
  16. mdunn

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    100% impulse
  17. Fo Ho.....that's a hoot!
    My choices are entirely at a whim. Getting involved with wet-shaving has been the biggest booster of my interest in scents. I went years without giving it a second thought. I liked Musk, so I used that. Then I discovered White Musk and went with that. Now, I've got 8-10 different choices and use them randomly.
  18. Part impulse, part schedule. Having very few products to chose from also helps. (Rotating the hell out of it means you never get to truly learn a product and its little oddities.)
  19. Anymore I stick to unscented or lightly scented soaps / creams. I mess with colognes for scent. :)

    Trumper's Coconut cream, DR Harris Almond soap, TOBS unscented, Provence Sante, L'Occitane...
  20. +1

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