How did it happen, I've become a weirdo

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by latetolathering, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I got a DE razor for Christmas and started into shaving with great gusto.
    Now I shave far more often than I used to as I now enjoy it.

    Now to the weirdo bit, I now have my Merkur progress (which I got for Christmas), a Super speed blue tip and a slim (both acquired from B&B members). I'm also sniffing around after my father in law's old gillette.

    I know that having 3 razors is perfectly normal around here, but not everybody thinks this is normal.

    So, it appears I have gone from a guy who shaved once a week grudgingly to a guy who has multiple razors and looks forward to shaving.

    I know I am among kindred spirits, but what do your friends / families make of your ADs?
  2. Your title pretty much sums it up. My wife and I went into a couple of antique shops the other day. I immediately headed over to the display cases while my wife sweetly asked "Looking for shaving stuff?" I couldn't see her when she asked, but I imagined the eye roll as I answered, "Of course."
  3. Perfectly normal!

    My wife appreciated my daily shaves but I have no idea how my friends would react if they knew about this passion. However, I think they would understand if they saw my Superspeed and my New long comb.
  4. maxman

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    You haven't become a weirdo, you've just uncovered the weirdo you didn't know you were. Now it becomes kind of strange if you start looking for. Magic beard growing formula.....
  5. "Discover the Weirdo Within" <-- new B&B promotional slogan ?
  6. jec


    I have told a few friends about it. They just nod like you are speaking a foreign language. I guess that is natural. It gets me thinking what would I have done before I started wet shaving. I mean how many of us would have cared before we started down this road. Before this I never really even thought about shaving much except that I hated it. Just goes to show how bland modern products are.
  7. jec


    Just got to thinking though. The friends I have actually shown my collection to seem to think its really cool. Isn't that what sucks us all in is the beauty of these old razors?
  8. I converted my two best friends. Everyone else thinks I'm a weirdo.

    But that's because I am a weirdo. And so are you.

    We're all weirdos down here.
  9. Most of the time I don't even bother with them unless they ask about shaving.

    Sounds like you're a perfectly normal member around here. :wink2: :001_tongu :w00t:
  10. There are definitely more expensive AD's around than shaving stuff (ok Simpson anything #3 super will drive you over the edge). Your wife will appreciate your BBS face and anyone else not that close to you just needs some more detailed information about the pleasures of traditional wet shaving and they all will be saying : "Why didn't you tell us earlier".:biggrin1::biggrin1::biggrin1:
  11. Any random discussion outside family RE DE shaving. IF I do... I start it off with I went to Sam's Club to buy Fusions and couldn't justify the price... I switched to DE shaving. Frame it like that and people can understand. It will be a short lived understand though. You'll have to pull a George Constanza and leave on a high note. At leave that part of the conversation on that high note. It'll go rapidly down hill from there.
  12. Im not weird, i just have tons of shaving Gear and a nice Collection, but that doesnt make me weird, but you guys sure are weird :001_tt2:
  13. +1
  14. Don't worry, I've fully embraced and accepted the weird :drool:
  15. Don't feel bad. I have about 25 razors and 10 brushes now. I have seen the evidence of others that own ALOT more than I do.
  16. You have only 3 razors now. Just wait and see what happens...
  17. +1. If three razors makes a person weird, I must be very, very strange.

  18. I'm very worried. Already looking at aristocrats, News and techs
  19. Link?
  20. Repeat after me..."I a am not a weirdo, I am not a weirdo". Other folks may be weird, I am just a bit different, I am special. I have just few razors. I am finding OS shaving mugs, there are from what I have been able to determine 16 US designs, are my AD. I have only 10 left to go to have one of each of the US models.

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