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  1. Gentlemen, I'm glad I found this site. I've been looking into ways to get a better shave for a while now. I went through all of those mach3 to schick blades, and now i'm at the Schick Hydro 5 blade. that, with a Art of Shaving kit my fiance gave me, I think i get a pretty great shave. The only problem is my beard is so coarse, I need to switch out the Hydro 5 Blade often, and it's kind of expensive.

    I was in San Francisco in november and a girl at the AoS store recommended a safety razor since the blades are less expensive.

    I've been shopping around, and i'm a little intimidated with the selection that's available. What do y'all recommend for a newbie who has thick/coarse facial hair?
  2. the blade sampler. most vendors here will carry them. then you can try out several kinds of blades before you decide what works best for you.
    as for the razor itself? i would stay on the cheap side. in case its just not for you. if you do like it, you can always upgrade later. (if you even need to)
    check out the vendors here. and also check out the BST (BUY SELL TRADE) lot of great people on here.
    welcome aboard koolhaas!!
  3. also,,, check out mantic's videos on youtube. lot of great advice on there on everything under the sun when it comes to shaving....good luck
  4. Welcome to B&B !!
  5. thanks for the welcome. I'll take a look at the youtube vids and order my sampler kit.
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  7. Hey check out British isles in the rice village area... Great store you can buy trumpers d r harris and Mitchell's wool fat.. Also they sell a couple of razors... As for what razor I've tried them all... A fat boy is a good starter... If you live in the NASA area maybe I can give you one my old razors to try
  8. There is no Best Blade. A Best Blade for you is a Rotten Blade to someone else.

    Get a a sampler pack.

    Take the first blade out of the pack and that is Your Best Blade. Use it for 3 to 5 Days.

    If it works ... then buy some more of that Blade and use it until you get your technique down.

    Get a Brush ... probably Boar and if you want a Badger.

    Get a Soap and a Cream.

    Get a Razor ... you choose ... Merkur Heavy Duty (34C I think), Edwin Jagger 89 series, Muhle R41 (maybe more aggressive).

    Some are Open Combs, Some Closed, Some have long handles, some short, ... so look at the pictures. And ask in the forum about which razor to get ... probably the 41.

    I do not have a Parker or a Lord or a Harris (the first two maybe cheap and the other is expensive) but, you have to find something in your price range.

    And a good Second Razor once you have figured out how to shave is a Merkur Slant.
  9. A FatBoy is an Adjustable and unless he is keeping it on a 2 or 3 setting he might end up on setting 8 or 9.
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  11. Hey, koolhaas. Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your shaves. May they all be a DFS.
  12. I live by the Galleria. Thanks for the offer. I'll check out British Isles tomorrow. I have to go rice village tomorrow anyways.

    Also, thank you Straight Rasier User. Very helpful suggestions!
  13. after you buy a badger brush, buy a straight razor, strop and hone.and remember,,, wet shaving is going to save you money.
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  15. so I watched some youtube vids of that odd man shaving and teaching wet shaving. I realized I wasn't using my Art of Shave lather properly. Before I was just putting my badger brush in the jar dry and smearing the lather on my face. I think I wasted quite a bit of AoS lather, as i'm already on my second jar from december.

    So, this morning I wet my brush, and only used a small amount of lather. I built up the lather on my face and it worked really well. It was 100% different. It actually felt like I was having a WET shave. I'm still rocking my Schick Hydro 5 blade. I'm going to check out British Isle today for a safety razor.
  16. Good Luck! IMO, the most important part of the shave is the prep. Definitely get a routine that works for you. Some like warm, some like cold. Soften the beard and yes, work on a great lather.

    Welcome to B&B!

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