Hospitalized from Straight Razor!

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  1. Well...I ended up in the ER on Friday. I've been Straight shaving for 2 months, still a noob, but have been getting great shaves and loving it! Alas, on friday, my SR was at the edge of the counter, started to fall off, and even though my brain said LET IT FALL my right hand instinctively shot out and grabbed it with full force. I knew the moment i saw blood I'd need stitches. it was a DEEP gash on my hand right below my pinky. What i didnt realize till i got to the ER was that I'd SEVERED a NERVE, and lost feeling in my pinky. Seriously. 8 hours later I was in surgery, where they reattached the severed nerve. I stayed in the hospital over-night, then left the next day. 1 hour after leaving I began to have a poor reaction to all the anesthesia and other meds, and had to be RUSHED back to the ER in an ambulance!

    All is well now, 48 hours later, i am home with a huge cast on my right arm, my girlfriend, bless her heart, never left my side. The saddest part for me is how much I've loved learning how to SR shave, and how excited I am to be doing it, but i fear it will be hard to get back on the horse after this huge accident. I mean SURGERY for christ's sake! Perhaps i will have to let it go. Yes I love the hobby, and love the feel, but this was NOT worth it. :blue: I guess Ill have to wait and see. Perhaps the words of the B&B men can convince me otherwise, but right now I wanna quit. Here is a pic of the giant cast in the mean time.
  2. I think we really need a new badge for this.

    Hang in there and heal up. You can decide later whether or not to continue!
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    Dude, you didn't lose your digit. I'd call this one a win!

    Seriously, I believe people are at much greater risk of bodily harm cutting up food in the kitchen. If your pinky got in the way of a knife when dicing peppers would you lay down the kitchen knife for good? Get back on that horse! You are a man that shaves with a straight and now you have a scar to prove it.
  4. That totally Sucks!!! I hope your nerves heal up fine, and quickly. I would start shaving with your left hand, this way when you're all healed up, youll be completely ambitextrous, and getting great shaves, on both sides of your face with both hands! I doubt highly, after this accident, youll be tempted to grab a falling razor again....Just please, whatever you do, wear pants or an athletic cup next time you shave!!!:yikes:
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    Geez that terrible!

    One way to look at it is it could have been a kitchen knife...but then would you quit cooking?

    I hope you have a speedy recovery, and if no longer feel safe around straights it's totally understandable
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    As you are now all too well aware, the safest place for a razor is against your face.

    Good luck with your recovery.
  7. Sorry this happened man, but you always can shave with a DE.
  8. Ouch, I hope they give you a badge for that. Hope you a speedy recovery.
  9. ouch

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    Not necessarily. My biggest gash was from a DE blade I tried to "catch".
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    Well darn man, that really sucks. Just remember; when we get cut by a straight razor it is always our own fault for doing something wrong.

    Next time, if there is one, just let the damn thing hit the floor.
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    I caught a falling router once, the woodworking, not computer kind! I am glad to hear you are on the mend.
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    Glad to hear you are alright. Just remember girls like scars.
  14. Man, that is a horrible story. Get well soon. And take it from the fellow New Yorker do not give up on SR shaving. Just be more careful in the future.
  15. That is one messed up situation. I feel for you brother......keep on truckn'
  16. Thank you all for the encouragement!
  17. Man... that is bad. Sorry to hear it. I hope you heal up quick.

    Remember this could just as easily happen in the kitchen if a knife fell off the counter. I think you will get to the point where you are comfortable using the razor again.
  18. Ouch dude, that's nasty.

    As for getting back on the horse - it wasn't actually during shaving that you did the damage, so you hopefully shouldn't feel too nervous when you next come to put blade to face.

    And the instinctive grabbing of it? Well, maybe the incident will help change your instinct. After years of using sharp tools (woodworking chisels, saws and planes, pocket knives, fishing knives and kitchen knives, as well as razors), my instinct now whenever I drop anything is to pull my hands away and try to get my feet out of the way too.

    Still, at least you followed the rules of B&B - photos or it didn't happen :smile:
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  19. Don't let go of shaving. That's hidious. You did something you shouldn't have done. Hell, I caught a razor once. LIke a dummy. No fun. Not as bad as your injury and mine was a DE. It was in the shower, started to fall, I caught it. By the blade! Pain. Sorry you got hurt, man. You'll heal and be back at it. Just remember, let it fall. A new razor is cheaper than surgery.
  20. I still have a light mark from a kitchen knife on my left ring ringer..wasnt focused many years ago when I was younger...but as a reminder always keep your blades facing inward facing the middle of the time will get you back on the straights again..consider this a lesson learned..and yes I nicked myself feed once under my jaw line..bead of sweat touched my razor going inward..wasnt pretty but healed marks....I also sliced my thumb with my SE razor..also healed just fine hurt like hell and bled good..and yes a another one on my chin area with a Mach3 a year ago in the shower..also healed just learn..

    I wish you a speedy recovery my friend..stay positive!

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