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  1. I have some horn blanks that are warped. I tried steaming then and boiling them followed by placing them under heavy pot full of water. They are still warped. I only steamed them for about 30 secs and boiled them for about the same. Any way TI straighten them out?
  2. try getting a wet hand towel , putting the blanks in it all wrapped up and microwave them, time is trial
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    I think you need to heat longer than 30 seconds. I dropped a set of delaminated horn scales for several minutes in nearly boiling water. They got soft and didn't seem to be affected negatively. These were thin tho, so I would think a longer soak would be needed. Maybe saw off an unneeded corner and see how long you can boil it safely.
  4. Thanks I will give both suggestions a try.
  5. maybe try both, heat it up in water and then tightly wrap it in hot soaked cloth, and hand flatten it tight as to Not give freedom of warp, but maximum heat
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    With all this steaming/boiling don't forget to give them a soak in neetsfoot once your finished to put some oils back in
  7. S I boiled longer and flexed them back to shape. They are much closed to flat than they started but not perfect. They may not end up flat until I thin them.

    I did gig them a good rub down.

    Thanks all

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