Honing with a smaller coti is ok with me

Discussion in 'Hones/Honing' started by blademen, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Just recently got this smaller Coti (La Grise), it measures 150mm x 40mm and I am love with this little devil. I was having second thoughts about getting a smaller coti ,but it was easy to hold in my hands and easy to use.

    Now I know, and will being looking for some more the same size:001_tt1:

  2. Nice stone, I enjoy smaller sized coticules too. I have a 110x30 the I love.
  3. That is what we like to hear! :)
  4. Jay,
    Thanks again for this wonderful rock:001_smile
  5. No problem... enjoy! It's a cool little stone I just wasn't ever getting it in the rotation. Builds slurry super fast.
  6. I have a 50x150 La Grise and I have found that this is the perfect size for me.
  7. Wid


    I've been using a 150x40 for some time now. It's perfect for holding in your hand for honing.
  8. Legion

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    I like the bigger stones for using on the bench, setting the bevel and stuff, and 50x150 is my favourite to hand hold in the finishing stages.
  9. Nice thing about the smaller size (for me) is that it forces me to work slower and more deliberately.

    Best thing about a smaller stone is, it will get it done and not break the bank lol!!
  10. +1. Smaller is better.

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