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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if there are any other honey aficionados in the house? Im personally a fan of high end Yemeni Honeys that i source directly from Yemen, such as Sidr, Sumur, Mara'ee . Other than those i also enjoy the infamous Manuka honey but only from a few reputable brands.

    I personally enjoy these specific honeys daily for both their medicinal value and delicious taste! The yemeni honeys are the most spectacular in the world IMO. still done the same way for centuries, its in a sense "beyond organic" :p . There alot of websites (in arabic however) that describe how to use their various honeys to cure certain diseases and such..

    Any other honey lovers? :)
  2. I enjoy honey but have always used the basic clover honey. Where would I purchase these exotic honeys? Which do you recommend?
  3. Alacrity59

    Alacrity59 Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Takes me to thoughts of toast with butter and honey. How do you enjoy your honeys?
  4. Depends on what you are going for or what tastes you like ! Manuka is more popular in north america , its sourced from the Manuka Bush (native to new zealand). It is twinned with the Tea tree (think tea tree oil , not the drink). It gives the honey antiseptic properties, as such it is used as a wound dressing in hospitals in New zealand (and in my home :) ) . But back on topic , this is a dark strong flavoured honey and one of my favourites. I personally source mine from Wedderspoon. i enjoy the 16+ manuka honey and rata from them

    With regards to Yemeni Honeys, I recommend you try to locate the infamous Sidr Honey. This comes in many many grades can range from 60-600$+ a kilogram. Shoot for the highest grade possible.

    My mom sends me a few jars a year (she resides in the middle east) however she has sources in yemen. There are a few websites online as well as a seller i can refer you to on ebay located in yemen, however his sidr in particular is not his strongest point.
    I have been fortunate enough to sample some of the higher end grades that are not available on the public market, the taste is so fabulous i almost get slightly "dizzy" from a spoonful. its overwhelming. but i mainly consume honeys for health benefits i think.

    btw, if anyone is interested i can translate some arabic websites that speak of how to use specific yemeni honeys for certain illnesses. There are some gents in yemen who are "honey doctors" and know how to use them medicinally .


    Wild Rata honey is phenomenal if you are into honey for simply taste. its creamy and oh so gorgeous..
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    We use honey instead of sugar for most things. Alas, nothing fancy just the Costco Organic Honey.
  6. Talal:
    I know I'm not a honey connoisseur, but I remember when I was young, my Mom only bought honey from the beekeeper...so it's U.S. beekeeper honey for the Mrs. and I (plus it's so cool to travel to the country to visit the keeper, their hives, observe the whole honey process and supporting the local beekeeper community). :thumbsup:

    That said, it was not too hard to find quality beekeepers (Bienenz├╝chter), when we were in Germany (farmers / christmas markets).

    "The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams". Henry David Thoreau
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  7. If I can get it, sourwood or wildflower. I can buy unprocessed wildflower honey from a lady (I think she is the bee keeper) who sets up a stand every weekend that has good weather, but last time I went past I was short $$. Now I have store bought clover honey, which while sweet and tasty is lacking complexity.

  8. toast either pure or whipped into butter, direct from the spoon, sweetener in tea , in marinades, certain salad dressings, as a substitute for maple syrup on french toast are what come to mind

  9. Yes germany has a good selection of honey, especially honey dew mmm :)

    glad that you are enjoying your beekeeper honey!
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  10. The region where I live has a lot of local bee keepers. I always keep a good stock of local Sourwood honey. I use honey in place of sugar in my breads. I also love it mixed in with home made Greek Yogurt.
  11. I enjoy honey on occasion. I did some consulting work a few years ago for Spain's greatest producer of mono-floral honeys, and I pretty much ended up with (at least for me) a lifetime supply of honey.
  12. sounds wonderful. what were some of the nectar sources?
  13. Orange Blossom, Honeydew, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary, Mountain Heather along with a polyfloral blend.
  14. Thanks for the info, Talal!
  15. Talal:
    Thanx for your kind relpy, support and for sharing!!! :thumbsup:

    "The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams". Henry David Thoreau
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    I always bring back eating honey from Tanzania,both from the tropical region of Tabora,Tanzanias most famous honey region,and also from the coffee/banana forests of mt. Kilimanjaro...The darker the honey,the more anti-oxidants and mineral content. I also bring back medicinal honey that is very slowly made by the Tanzanian dwarf stingless bee....it's flavor is unique,and it is used widely as medicine...My favorite tasting honey is the canned version from the Tasmanian jungles,really spicy and floral.....the finest source for a huge variety of honey straight from the farmer is http://www.honeylocator.com
  17. ive never heard of this honey from the stingless bee. thanks for sharing i will look into this some more.
  18. I have a passing interest in bee keeping.
    Are there any bee keepers here?
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    Being a home coffee roaster and drinker, I understand the desire for buying exotic, international honey. But when it comes to honey, I always buy from local producers and usually clover or wild flower. I buy into that whole better for your allergies thing. In Santa Cruz, I remember getting Star Thistle honey. There was a summer grassyness that was such a wonderful thing.

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