Honey or Port scents ?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Bendragon, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. I'm having a quiet glass of port before bed, and I got to thinking...Is there a port smelling soap or cream out there ?

    I'm not talking about your cheap drunk stuff, I mean the good stuff, something with body and, well you know.

    Also having a think about honey and lemon scents...A friend is a soap maker but yet to get into shaving soaps (I just remembered today...) I may have her jump on this one for a trial.
  2. Haslinger and Calani both make a honey scent.
  3. Mama Bear makes a Good Morning Honey scent.

    don't know about port.
  4. I've considered making a port or wine scented soap at some point, so I tested by making a bath soap. Chances are you won't find such an item. The scent dissipates during the saponification process. You can have wine soap, but it won't be wine scented... not much anyways
  5. Damn...I'm a big fan of the smell of Port (generally have a glass at night) What about a cream will that allow it to keep more scent ?
    I am interested in your Maple cream what's postage to Australia ?

    Shoot me a PM if it's against the rules to quote prices on things like that.
  6. Order Placed...why oh why are people so easy to deal with...
    One email to Larry @ whipped dog and I've ordered...
    One post here and I've ordered...
    One email to mystic water and I've ordered...
  7. cryhavoc

    cryhavoc Contributor

    Can't wait to hear your report, I'm eying that soap myself
  8. I'm going to try something crazy tonight to see if it's possible at all to make a wine scented soap with ONLY wine and no added fragrance oils :) -- honey scented is easy lol
    I'll keep everyone updated on my progress.
  9. I've gotten several compliments on the AS so far.
  10. If you want someone to sample that one Charles...I', in :)

    Also, I've sent you an email about my order.
  11. Turns out I didn't have time to try what I had in mind... we're starting to pack up for our summer vacation. But i'll get it done eventually.
    I was thinking of replacing some of the water by wine for the lye after boiling it for a bit (to remove the alcohol), and then boil down a bit more to add at the end of the soaping process, with the hopes it will keep some form of wine scent.

    Maybe it will be great, maybe it will smell worse than Williams (hate williams' scent.. love arko)
  12. I have some cognac EO and it smells freaking fabulous. I've gotta believe there's a way to work it into a shaving cream, if not into a soap. Barring that, you could always add a tiny bit of EO to your favorite (unscented) shaving product.
  13. another option would be to drink while you shave.
    But stick with the DE, stay away from straights
  14. There are a lot of wine scented fragrance oils available, Burgandy, Shiraz, White Zin, several Champagnes, Cabernet, Tuscan, and probably more that I don't know about. I'll have to see if I can find a good Port fragrance.

    Charles I tried that with wine several years ago.... it didn't turn out so well for me. I've tried a whisky one too, that one didn't go so well at all :blink:
  15. Lol! Thanks for letting me know you tried that. My current supplier has none of those fragrances, but i'll look for them.... Did you ever sample any of those? Being FOs, do they smell natural, or a bit too synthetic?

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