Homemade Talcum Powder

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  1. Due to a complete lack of reasonably priced mens talcs in my part of the world I'm considering making
    my own up, seems easy enough using ingredients from the supermarket. The hardest part I think will
    be sourcing the correct container.
    Does anyone else do this or am I a total nutter on my own? :blink:
  2. TheVez2

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    I guess you gotta do what you gotta do! How are you going to go about making it?
  3. luvmysuper

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    I don't think it's any more bizarre than folks who make their own after shave or their own melt and pour soaps.
    Any plastic bottle of appropriate size with a larger screw on cap should work.
    Got a dremel or a drill and a 52 gauge drill bit?
    Make some holes in the cap and you should be good to go.
  4. It sounds like you may want to go bigger than I have done but I'll tell you my approach that I tried. This is from recommendations on the interwebs.

    * I used a half empty bottle of baby powder. My family is growing so no more need for that - so I thought. I'm not a fan of baby powder scent but that is not an issue.
    * Identify your favorite cologne or aftershave to add scent. You will use a fair amount so AS is better.
    * Get two cotton balls.
    * Dowse the cotton balls in the scent.
    * Place both cotton balls in the baby powder container and shake.
    * Shake every day for about a week, keeping the container shut.
    * You'll notice the scent taking over in a day or two.
    * After a week, take out the cotton balls. Chopsticks work. If you leave 'em in too long, they disintegrate and plug up the bottle.

    BTW the cap on a baby powder bottle pops right off with a screwdriver and pops right back on.

    This wouldn't work with a full bottle because you need the shake and the room to develop the scent in the bottle. You can buy a bottle of talc at the dollar store or wherever. Pour off half if you need to - it isn't gold. Or save in another container. Just don't get the corn starch stuff - we're making talc, not gumbo.

    And the look on wifey's face doing yet another science project - priceless. I don't explain it :)
  5. This is the recipe I'm thinking of using:

  6. I was thinking of using a cheap talc for the container as well and a large jar for the mixing and scenting :biggrin1:
  7. Found another recipe that uses rice flour- this is extrafine I believe. Off to the supermarket :biggrin1:
  8. Will do :thumbup:
    Blimmin supermarket was out of riceflour so may have to wait until they restock or when I'm ranging a bit further afield next week.
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    Old puddin' pits, they call him.
  10. Ok- An update
    As there seems to be a riceflour shortage here at the moment I have decided to go the cornflour route. Using stuff to hand I have made a mixture of Lemon and Cedarwood essential oil for my 'fragrance' about 10 drops each on a cotton ball to approx 50 grams cornflour. Dropped the lot into a large glass jar with airtight lid and shake n stir every day, so far, after 3 days things are smelling like a talc should. I've even found a cheap plastic container for the shaker :thumbup1:

    More news to follow shortly...
  11. Its working well I think, used it a few times now, doesn't clump or anything in fact it feels like a talc should. Fragrance is OK needs some work tho, must try harder as they say :lol:
    I'm trying to finish up some Johnstons for the container, the one I got ain't the best :huh:

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