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  1. Hi everybody! So, I'd like your opinion on the subject of my high school prom. I'm a senior and I'm taking a beautiful young woman, one of my classmates, and I'm sure it forgoes mentioning that I want to be the suavest and most utterly complete man in the building on that night. In this vein, I will be wearing my great-grandfather's coat and tails from the turn of the century, one of the most beautiful and well-fitting suits I have ever seen.

    To top off the wonderful shave that I'm sure I will have (thanks in major part to all of you), my choice of fragrance has been weighing heavily on my mind. I recently received bottles of the entire Pinaud line of aftershaves (excepting Osage Rub, and all of which I will soon review in a day-by-day comparison thread) from my parents as a gift for my acceptance into the UCLA Chemical Engineering Department, so I am completely spoiled for choice. So this brings me to my question: which should I wear for the big night?
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  2. I am not familiar with the Pinaud fragrances; never smelled any of them. But, my advice is to use something subtle and don't use too much. You should not overpower your date. You should choose something you think your date will appreciate, but that might be difficult to guess if she's never smelled any of them before. If she has, then pick one about which she gave you positive feedback, something like, "Wow, what is that wonderful scent you are wearing?" The only person you should be looking to directly impress is your date. If she is happy with the situation, you will feel confident and behave as such. Others will notice, even if that is not (and it shouldn't be) your intent.
  3. Go with the classic Clubman. It's a classic for a reason: it's withstood the test of time, and still smells great!!

    Pretty much anything you choose will help you stand out from the crowd, who is likely to be using Axe body spray crap (aka generic smelling gross junk).
  4. Unless you are just trying to stick with aftershaves, for me being an event like prom I would probably opt for a cologne. I would probably use some 4711 for my aftershave to get the aftershave feel and benefits. Then add my favorite cologne since 4711 wears off very quickly. If you are wanting to stick with the Pinaud my favorite is the classic Clubman stated above. If you really want to turn the heads and be very unique go with the Veg. :lol:
  5. I've had Clubman original for a while now, and I've been wearing it every day—much to the acclaim of all my female acquaintances. I have to say, it is first on the list right now because of the reasons listed above: classic, utterly gentlemanly, and to my knowledge almost universally unoffensive.
  6. Being that you are going to your prom why not let your date pick out your scent :shifty:.
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    Clubman sounds great. Special Reserve would be nice too. Go easy on it. Congratulations on what sounds like a fun evening, and also on your admission to UCLA. You should be very proud!
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    + on the Clubman! Classic, universally loved....great choice
  9. Now, no matter what you do, do not, and I mean do NOT use Vegetal on your prom night :lol:
  10. Chris:
    [​IMG]...Special Reserve (my one & only 'go-to' AS/Cologne), will always have my vote!!! :thumbsup:

    [​IMG]"Hard work is the aftershave of accomplishment". Author Unknown
  11. I have no idea what you should use but just want to say congrats on the prom, the hot date, graduation and UCLA.
  12. This is a more difficult question than you think. I like Clubman, and my daughter, a high-school junior, likes it. My wife absolutely hates it. She says that I smell like a Mexican taxi-driver (we're from Mexico, so we know how they smell; I don't know how do American taxi-drivers smell). So, maybe try it with some other friend and see what she thinks.
  13. +1 It's her senior prom, too. You don't want to spoil it by wearing a scent she cannot stand.
  14. I would be tempted to go with a fragrance that will smell nice on a warm night...citrus musk.
  15. Clubman Vanilla is a nice summery frag.
  16. Clubman is a very "different scent" especially to younger people. I am 29 and I used to steal my dad's clubman when I was in High School and had a few comments made that I would rather not mention.

    I do still get the occasional "you smell like my grandpa" comments when I wear it to this day.
  17. Bay Rum anyone?? hard to go wrong there, it is classic, manly, and pleasant.

    for the record: Congrats on being in high school and pursuing finer things in life, so many kids do not, this gives me hope for the future as I have a kid heading to high school in a couple years myself.

    might I also suggest finding a local barber that does straight shaves and go there and get a classic gentlemanly cut and shave for your big night?? treating her to this wonderful event is equally important as treating yourself.
  18. Congratulations on your graduation and on your acceptance into a fine program! Best to you!

    You can't go wrong with any of the Pinaud scents. IMHO, for a formal occasion with formal wear, Classic Vanilla if you're expecting a warm evening, or
    Special Reserve if you're expecting a cooler evening. Go easy, either one has staying power to last the entire evening. Enjoy your big night!
  19. +1 here. Clubman is SWMBO approved.
  20. A tie
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