hiding safety razor purchases from the missus

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  1. how many of you do it? I bought a Fatboy and a Tech on ebay and i've set them aside in my office for cleaning. my other razors are proudly on display in the bathroom but I'm apprehensive about putting my new purchases out for her to see. any of you hide your shaving gear for fear of pissing off the gf or wife?
  2. Does she show you her new shoes or clothes when she's been shopping?
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    Unless you get questions, don't say anything! :biggrin:

    SWMBO is very comprehensive, so I guess that I'm lucky. I sell what I don't use anymore and if it make sense price-wise, I get it. I didn't get 'the chat' yet. I should be all right. I just need to be able to sneak a super-nice straight in and I'm all set!
  4. I wish it worked that way for me. Problem is that I'm at work when the mail comes. Today was a killer. 6 packages of razors, and I just paid for two more recently. One of which was my birth year and quarter super adjustable. "Out of control" were her words.
  5. It's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.
  6. Won't she see the credit card bills? That's how I always get busted.
  7. Never a truer statement.
  8. Strategery, boy, strategery.

    She'll pretend to show interest in the first one because she loves you, and wants to share what you like.

    Make sure the second one is different, so if your first is a Tech, get an adjustable. Show her, in mind numbing detail, the advantages and disadvantages of each.

    The third one might be paydirt. It might take longer. But one glorious day, she will loudly ask:

    "What in the world do you need ALL these razors for?"

    This means she has no idea how many you really have. Start sneaking them in.

    Also, if you think she is on the warpath, simply take your new razor to a buddy, and have him drop by later. When he leaves, he'll give it back and say, "Oh, thanks for letting me borrow this!"

    It's close to the truth, and it works.
  9. lol, make sure that thenext razor you get is worth it for you and pick up a lady gillette for her, she won't be able to complain :D
  10. I'm guilty, although (almost) all are on display...
  11. I (partially) fund my habit by refurbishing and flipping dingy dogs I find. This means I sell alot on the Bay :blushing: but have also offered some here.

    I have a couple grubbos on the way that I'm pretty sure are Fat Boys, though the pics were pretty bad (I was the only bidder on either).

    If that turns out true, they clean up well and work, I will have covered the nut for the near-mint NEW I just won, and the 40's Aristocrat and Goodwill I picked up over the weekend.

    That doesn't stop me from getting this :001_rolle when they come in, though....
  12. To my wife they all look the same and luckily for me she does not count.
    Sh finds out after I sell.
    I receive all packages at work, I also have my own paypal acc, and she never sees the debit card statmenets,they go straight in the file cabinet.
    I do purchase with some sense of sanity so the bank account is healthy though.
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    "but honey, ive had this one for months - I just sent it out for cleaning"
  14. same here. I have my own paypal acct and a separate bank account so she doesn't know what i'm buying. it's not like i'm dropping several hundred on shave gear.

    Jatte - I did buy the missus a lady gillette and she loves it. still though, I can't justify new safety razor purchases to her without it turning into an argument about money :frown:
  15. I have a Supplier related Rewards Scheme Debit Visa Card and a paypal account that wifey can't/doesn't see.

    I use these to purchase unless cash is the only option. Things get shipped to work not to hide things from wifey but because there's always someone there to receive and sign for if required ( yeah right :tongue_sm )

    Things will get put in drawers and be revealed when the time is right :001_smile

    Razors are rotated on the top of the bench anyway, so she doesn't pick up new razor purchases.

    That all being said she's actually pretty cool with this "hobby" as it's MUCH cheaper than any other my other previous hobbies ( and in fact probably MUCH cheaper than here clothes/shoe/handbag/jewellery shopping ) .......... :001_smile

    p.s. if you have kids, don't buy things when they're with you and tell them "Don't tell mum".........damned little blighters :tongue_sm
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  16. +1
    My father-in-law demands that I learn this... cool guy, and he must know his daughter pretty well.
  17. Wow...are we married to the same woman? LOL! :lol:
  18. Pat McManus says this works for guns, too. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  19. I told her if she is in a resale shop, antique store, yard sale, Goodwill or Salvation Army to buy it. I also told her not to go more than 10 for a safety razor or 20 for a straight. That way she thinks I'm cheap and has no idea of what I paid for my Ikon.
  20. rac


    hi all
    just tell the wife that you had it for a couple or years ,:001_smile
    think she will get a bit suspicious when you have 20 more,ha
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