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  1. Hi.My cousin got me interested in wet shaving which ultimately lead me to this wonderful board. I hope to gain a lot by perusing around this board. I've purchased a C&E BBB and some Proraso cream. I've been shaving with a hand me down straight razor recently, but I've got a safety razor from vintage blades on the way.
  2. Welcome. What kind of razor are you using now, and which one did you order?
  3. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome, glad to have you.
  5. Welcome to the brotherhood!
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  7. Welcome to B&B.:w00t:
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  9. Welcome to B&B, we're glad your here...Enjoy!!!
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    Welcome shaver. Glad to have you here. You're on the right path. Check out all the sticky and You Tube tutorials if you haven't already. Post any questions you may have and keep us informed of your progress. Your face will thank you for making this decision. Good luck.
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  16. Welcome to B&B! Enjoy!:001_smile
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