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  1. Hello, my name is Dave.
    I was amazed to find this forum, and happy i have. I've been wood-turning as a hobby for about 8 years and like to turn all sort of things from bowls and goblets to pens and shaving brushes.

    I'm happily married and have 2 small girls aged 4 and 8. I look forward to making new friends.

    Here are a few of turnings, hope you like them :D

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  2. Welcome to B&B !!

    You do good work....
  3. Welcome Aboard, Dave!! Excellent work.
  4. Beautiful stuff. Welcome aboard!
  5. Niles

    Niles Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Welcome, Dave! Great pictures.
  6. Welcome Dave, but... what are those things next to the brushes?
    :) (kidding).
  7. Welcome to badger and blade, Dave.

    Beautiful work!
  8. You certainly have that whole matching thing going on. A lot of UK gentlemen have been joining the forum recently. Great to have you here!
  9. Great looking. Welcome.
  10. Welcome to B+B!
  11. Welcome
    Top brush looks ace
  12. Welcome Dave,

    Those brushes look great.
  13. Hi welcome to B&B. Your brushes look great. You should set yourself up as a hobbyist on the buy/sell/trade section. They would sell very quickly.
  14. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Welcome to B&B, Dave! And what amazing wooden tools! :thumbup:
  15. Welcome to B&B, Dave, from another UK member:thumbup1:
  16. Welcome to the group Dave .. Great post !!
  17. Always nice to have another brit on the forums. Welcome!
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome guy's.
  19. Hello Dave [​IMG] from Hampshire ('The United Kingdom...where Royal treament Awaits'...Yeah Baby!!!). [​IMG]

    Welcome aboard the B & B (besides being enrolled in the fictional, sacred and utopian Order of Shavedom). Please feel free to come up to the promenade / sun deck &

    Sounds like you're off to a great start, and yes (great wood work too!!! ), this Forum has the knowledge, ideas, and all around 'know-how' to assist in your Wet-Shaving experience.
    In a nut-shell...your 'gonna' love it here.

    [​IMG] "The things I make [in woodshop] may be for others, but how I make them is for me". Tony Konovaloff

    Although, you may not be additted yet (I think I'm holding up fairly well...with a few exceptions), because we all suffer (gladly and are doomed perhaps), from this shaving complusion (and other Acquisition Disorders), because at times..."Resistance is futile". [​IMG]

    "Lead us not into temptation. Just tell us where it is; we'll find it". Sam Levenson

    Please don't forget once you get time....to tell us a little about yourself in the Hall of Fame sub-forum.

    [​IMG] “A razor [blade] can’t be sharpened on a piece of velvet”. Author Unknown
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  20. Thank you Count, I will visit the Hall ;o)
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