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  1. Hello All,

    I am considering getting a 1/4 ground Spanish point straight from HERE. I have not decided on the exact model. I am actually more concerned with getting a 1/4 grind -or- wedge. So, are Heribert Wacker straights a good choice or are better options to be had in the 1/4 grind/wedge realm. Any opinions and help would be much appreciated.
  2. As far as I understand they're pretty decent. Don't have any personal experience though.
  3. You HAD to list that didn't you, just when I thought I had all the straights I needed.
    They do look nice.
    John P.
  4. You can't do much better than those. John Crowley and Mr. Wacker have put together a high quality product. Good choice of vendors!
  5. Oh no. :frown:
  6. Thank you all for the info. Just what I was looking for. I think I have found my Christmas present for this year.

    I also want to apologize for contributing to anyones RAD.:biggrin:
  7. *Sigh...yes I've been eyeing that razor too. Now that I see someone else buying one.... I'll have to as well. And I'd been saving in the hope of landing another from Bill Ellis...oh the peer pressure!!! :eek:

  8. Wow. Those are lovely. The only thing is... I notice that since he (obviously) does not forge his own blanks, they are all ones he has scavenged. While I am sure they are all very high quality (from reading the descriptions it certainly sounds that way), how do you know which is going to have the best steel, or what the differences are going to be. Or is it silly to be worrying about that, especially since he is doing the tempering.

    I also REALLY want one of those 1/4 grinds. Probably the Spanish point light horn. Or maybe the spike point dark. Or the Rosewood....

    And I don't even shave with a straight yet. I am just barely learning to use the Artist Club, and lousy at it....

    But yet I REALLY want that razor. What is wrong with me?

  9. ...fuggedabouddit...:wink:

  10. :001_tt1:

    Click the smiley.

  11. Suzuki

    Suzuki Moderator Emeritus

    Wow, those are really beatiful razors.

    I have a couple of old straights that I used to play with - this makes me think about breaking them out again.
  12. Hi Bruce,

    ...let me jump into this Thread and say that you never go wrong with a Wacker straight razor.
    They are very good and if you have the time, read in the German forum
    www.nassrasur.com , it's also available in English..., to get more informations about Wacker razors.

    Btw, they look really great, they are "little treasures"...:wink:

  13. Thomas,

    Thanks for the info and thanks for the link.
  14. Very nice. I did consider that at one time but then I decided to get THIS. I also had it insribed with "For Father And Son" in Italian. This razor beats the pants off of any DE shave I have ever had and in only two passes. I highly recommend one of the Maestro's razors whether you are a just collector of fine quality razors or you just want a great great shaver.

    Sorry. I am rambling. I just love my Maestro!:001_tt1:
  15. Very nice.
  16. Aaargh I cracked and ordered a Henckels Friodur 7/8 razor from that site. :frown: :rolleyes:
  17. Don't you mean OH YES!!!:biggrin:
  18. Of course, if I can keep it hidden from my girlfriend when it arrives. :wink:
  19. Wow, really nice Bruce. I plan on ordering one within the next few months...If I could just stop buying every razor that crosses my path.

  20. The 6/8 C Friedr Schmidt Black Revisor from John is something special....I bought one from them recently..........Shaves as smooth as silk.....(Plus I bought a 7/8 Henckels Friodur Round Point - Oryx at the same time) Just going with the RAD flow.



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