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  1. I started out using soaps and love it. Recently I tried using a cream and cannot get a lather at all. Am I doing something wrong. I am basically using the same technique as with soap. Maybe that is where I am going wrong. It shouldn't be that difficult should it? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I twirl in the bowl as with soaps but get no lather at all. HELP.
  2. I seem to catch nearly every thread you start.

    Creams should be no problem, and are generally easier than soaps. What type of cream are you using; is it possible that ti's a non-lathering shave cream?

    As far as tips go,
    Don't be afraid to use cream,
    start with a "dry" brush, and add water,
    Don't be afraid to add water.

    BTW how's it going with your brush; is there a badger in your present or future?
  3. I may have a non lathering cream. It is organic. I think the name is HOK2 green tea and soy or something like that. As for my brushes. My wife is still against me getting a badger. I think I may get the taylor synthetic bjorn just reviewed. It looks like a nice brush.My muhle seems to be loosening up now after a couple of weeks of use but I still want to try that taylor synthetic. I hope my wife changes her mind someday about the badger brushes. I would love to have one.
  4. Organic creams (the ones I've tried) don't lather as good as the classic stuff. If you don't mind going 'just' all natural, there are many options: Speick cream builds one of the richest lathers out there if you don't mind a little effort. In the US, I think Tom's of Maine's (is that spelled correctly?) is an all natural brand that works well. Mark (Mantic) recommends it on his youtube shaving video's.

    As for the badger, of course it's none of my business and please forgive my frankness, but unless you're a vegan (no leather etc.) I don't see why a badger brush would be more immoral than a pair of boots, having a barbecue etc. And that's coming from a badger-loving vegetarian. :badger::001_wub: Of course, YMwill most likely vary.
  5. Try priming your brush with a few swirls from one of your soaps (one that won't conflict too much with your cream scent). Just to get a little soap on there, but no lather. THEN go at the cream & add a little hot water. I've been doing this with the Clubman cream and I'm amazed at how much lather I'm getting.

  6. As Suzuki said in a recent thread on soap: another option is getting a shaving stick (Speick is good). This way you can rub the soap on and build lather directly on your face. The excess water will drip down, which makes the whole process more forgiving (less chance of making a wet and thin lather).

  7. TOM"S does look interesting. The badger brush thing I would love to get. I need to work on my wife a bit though.
  8. I think I will try that tonight.
  9. Just tell her that the badger(s) from which the hair came were already dead. Apparently, the biggest supply of badger hair is China, where the animals are eaten and the pelts would normally be discarded. It's all part of the "reduce, reuse, recycle" mentality.
  10. Or tell her those badgers were volunteers...
  11. It looks like HOK2 is non-lathering. It works quite well though. I was able to shave with no razor burn and my razor just glides across my face. Not bad.
  12. Hey MerkurGuy, just buy a badger and tell the wifey it is synthetic, J/k. Really you shouldn't have problems with lathering creams. I noticed a huge difference in changing from a boars hair to badger brush. And it actually looks like the badger holds more water, the lather looks soup like and then gradually turns into a nice cool whip.:thumbup: I had a cheap synthetic at first and didn't like it, upgraded to a boars hair and now have the badger and will never look back. Sorry your wife won't let you by a badger hair brush. Glad you discovered that you cream is a brushless type, try the taylors synth, my bet is you will get better results than with the brush you have now.
  13. I noticed some posts mentioning organic creams. Is that an issue?
    Start off with an easy one. Proraso lathers up easier than anything else I have tried, and it is slick. It has menthol and eucalyptus and some don't like it, but it works great. If you are near a Bath and Body Works, they sell it as the C. O. Bigelow Eucalyptus shave cream ($10 buys you the biggest tube I have seen yet for a shaving cream).
    If it is organic you want, I have had excellent results with Kiss My Face. I am pretty sure it is organic. I found it in the organic section of my local Kroger's grocery store. Body Shop also has an excellent cream.
    I have had success with cheap boar brushes as well as with my best badger. Shake out most of the water, apply about an almond size amount of cream directly into the breach of the brush (middle of the bristles), then start swirling on your face. As it starts to lather, if it seems to be too thick, just dip the tip of the brush into warm water and continue to brush in a circular fashion on your face. Keep doing this until it is the right consistency. Then use painting motions to get consistent thickness across your face.

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