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  1. I acquired this Rooney brush recently and it appears unused. It still has the Woodward & Lothrop price tag on the bottom. ($4.95) Part of the decal is missing but it is some type of badger. If anyone could tell me what era this was made, the type of badger hair used and/or the model name (if it has one) I would be very grateful. I paid $70 bucks for it, so hopefully it's worth at least somewhat in that neighborhood. Any and all info is appreciated - thanks! :001_smile

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    Looks pretty much like the current Style 3, and judging by proportion in the pic, possibly a size 3. New one retails for about $160. Someone else will have to give an estimate on dating
  3. Thanks, Georg.

    I asked about its' age because the bristles still smell "gamey" and I'm not sure where Rooney sourced their badger hair from, years ago. I have a cheapo Tweezerman and it had the same odor until I gave it the white vinegar and borax treatment.

    The handle seems to be made out of some type of plastic resin susceptible to yellowing with age. I really want to try it out, I'm not sure if it will hold up. The sticker that IDs the grade of badger hair is partially missing, so I'm not sure what "_____er Badger" is, either.
  4. Bakelite?
  5. Not certain if it's bakelite but if you look closely at the photo with the partial decal, you can see that it's lighter in color where the missing piece once was.
  6. Nice find. Probably a Catalin handle, and the hair may have come from the Baltic states in that era.
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    Probably Super Badger? Woodward & Lothrop went out of business in 1995. If that 4.95 price is right, I'd say it would have to be long, long before that, '50s at least.
  8. It is certainly Catalin, likely Super Silvertip badger and I would say late 60's early 70's. I tried to find a pic of a vintage Rooney decal to see if it is super or silver (the partial word) but couldn't find. Mine is missing both decals, so no help there...
  9. A real beauty BTW....I have found the vintage knots to be very least the few I have owned. One (a Culmak) is my favorite brush!

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