Help with razor ID maybe japanese?

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  1. Can anyone verify if this is a Japanese razor or not? $IMAG0253.jpg $IMAG0254.jpg
  2. No ...its chinese please send it to me and I will get rid of it for you.

    Nippon is the dead give away so yes it is japanese. But if you dont want it I will make a home for it with my others
  3. Found this in an antique store for $15 I assumed it was Japanese but wasn't for sure. Thanks for the confirmation. Sorry if dumb question but why is Nippon a dead giveaway. This had some pretty heavy rust in some spots but it turned out OK after a cleanup.
  4. Nippon = Japanese. I think it's a translation of "Japan" in Japanese.

    Also, "Nip" is a racial slur for people of Japanese descent.
  5. Fair enough thanks for the info. I may have to find some more of these it was fine shaver.
  6. It's a quality razor, it should shave well!

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