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  1. So I have been new to this whole thing and testing the waters. I haven't yet ordered a DE but am using a Sensor Excel, which isn’t a horrible razor, IMHO. So I wanted to try out a couple of new products this evening.

    I applied the King of Shave pre shave oil, and then lathered up some C&E Nomad shaving cream using my C&E Best Badger Brush. Everything was going fine- enjoyed the lather. The shave went pretty normal, except for some nicks that occurred while trying different pass techniques.

    Then came the aftershave. I wanted to try one of my old classics- the Gillette after shave lotion:


    Everything was going good- then i tried my new Clubman Shave Talc I picked up today from CVS Pharmacy.



    It burned like hell fire. It was unbearable. I had to wash it off and put on some Proraso pre/post and then the Proraso balm.

    My question- did I do something wrong or out of order? Should I return the Talc? Am I allergic? Please help! :confused: :eek:
  2. Matt,

    You could be. Did it just sting or did it redden the skin and leave a red splotch all over your face?

    It could be a combo of the Gillette aftershave lotion mixed WITH the talc, who knows. The quickest way to find out if you're allergic to the talc is to run some hot water over your inside arm at the elbow and warm up the skin to open the pores, then pat it dry and put some talc on then see if there's a reaction. If you are allergic, just chalk this up to a learning experience.
  3. Did you get a closer shave? If yes, try the same thing again a few more times. Your face will get use to it. You will also notice that your blades will last longer using a good cream versus a canned gel.

  4. Hi Matt

    Do you finish off your shave with lots of cold water splashed on the face? I do this to close the pores, and usually use an alum block as well. If your pores were still open from the shave perhaps the talc just got deeper than intended. I thought the talc is used primarily to reduce a shiny face after shaving, not really part of an aftershave routine. My routine goes something like this:

    Splash face with lots of cold water and leave wet.
    I then put away my shaving gear rinse the brush, dry the bowl etc…
    Wet a facecloth with cold water and do something similar to the hot towel prior to shaving and leave my face damp.
    Alum block is then applied to my damp face, this can sting.
    Allow my face to dry and wait around 10 minutes before applying ASB.
  5. Tinzien

    Tinzien Moderator Emeritus

    I have been using talc (the Clubman mentioned above) over the past week and found that it absolutely kills any irritation bumps that I might get at the base of my neck as a result of still working on my technique. I used to cold rinse, alum and then AS/ASB but now I add the talc and it makes an absolute world of difference to me. :001_wub:

  6. thats good news- i have a similar case of bumps at the base of my neck. do you rinse with cold water after the shave, pat dry then talc? could i use an aftershave balm a few minutes after the talc? Thanks-:001_tt1:
  7. JMT


    I would try One thing at a time. I definitely would not put the talc on until after you test your arm to see if you are allergic. I would also perform the same test on your arm with the combo of the Aftershave and the talc. If you find out you have no reaction to the talc alone then you can begin studying different methods of application.
  8. Tinzien

    Tinzien Moderator Emeritus

    Warm rinse, cold rinse, alum, pat dry then talc a minute or so later. Sometimes I will use a splash of Thayer's witch hazel or Coral Skin Food before the talc but I give the stuff a minute or two to absorb (Coral) or dry (Thayers).

    I'll also put on an application of talc at night (just to be on the safe side while my skin recovers) but not put on a shirt just to make sure that the stuff stays on my skin without rubbing off for as long as possible.

    JMT is correct though, check to see if you are allergic beforehand. :)

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