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  1. Hello!

    This is my first post here in the haberdashery and I feel like I want to change my wristwatch.
    I currently have a Citizen that I got as a gift about 2 years ago. All I know about it is that it has sapphire glass and that the wristband is made out of some sort of metallic links.

    What I am looking for is a stylish watch that is simple. I am incredibly tired of all these watches with a million thingamajigs because all I want is a watch that looks classy and clean.

    Now for my requirements.. I would prefer very much if the watch has sapphire glass or any other very scratch resistant glass, I would probably also prefer a leather wristband as that looks nicer and is probably easier to adjust to my weirdish wrists. I have quite thin wrists so I don't want an enormous clock.

    I would prefer it the price would be kept low-ish but I understand watches are expensive things so I'll let you throw your best suggestions at me and look through them and if they're all very expensive I'll start saving up and just power through with my Citizen.

  2. Save up. A well made watch is one that can last generations. Something unique to pass down. Plenty of timeless designs out there.

    The Omega seamaster line comes to mind. There are many different versions including a quartz. But it's a staple in design copied many times over and that has been popular for a long time.
  3. Well, I've been ogling some more expensive watches but when you're a student they all seem to be quite far out of reach. I have a budget set aside for fun stuff that I could pay for a watch from but I would rather not pour all my money into purchasing a watch! (No money for shaving gear then!)
  4. Inexpensive automatic with sapphire crystal. I think you would need to look to the Chinese movements. I have seen and heard good things about these watches. Might fit the bill.
    I really do like the look of the GMT very simple.
  5. Lol. Gotcha. Student makes a big difference. Some overlooked stylish watches you may be able to go after are TX branded. Timex owns them. Cool stuff. Meets the sapphire requirements.
  6. Hm, Roadrash those look pretty nice!

    If we remove the requirement for sapphire does that open up any interesting options?
  7. These don't look so bad at all! So far I have seen many that have looked good but they have been a little too clean for my taste!
    I need to find something that is clean but not too clean kind of like the Breitling transocean without chronograph :drool: While I understand I won't find anything like that for a smaller amount of money I can still hope to find something vaguely similar :biggrin1:
  8. Sapphire glass is hard to find in a reasonably priced watch, but if you're willing to settle for mineral glass, you shouldn't have a problem.

    There are a lot of modestly priced Seikos and citizens watches of high quality and simple dials (dress, military, diver).

    An excellent vendor with a wide selection here:.

    Good ideas here:.
  9. Kinda reminds me of an old Tag... Maybe find a used tag? Hmmm... I'll have to think of the model it reminds me of!
  10. Mineral glass should work fine I think. As long as it isn't plexi it should be scratch resistant enough.

    That chronograph site seems nice but I was a bit overwhelmed when I got 1110 pages from my search so I guess I will have to be more specific!
  11. Look at Seiko and Orient. The Orient Chicane comes to mind. Classic looks, multiple dial colors and available with leather straps or steel bracelets at around $100.

    Or stick with Citizen. Or even the Maratac Pilot Watch, which has a domed sapphire crystal.

    There's absolutely no reason at all for a good watch to be expensive. Luxury brands have ridiculous and unnecessary markups. Think of them as "jewelry" to justify the price, but you can find what you want at the sub-$200 level.
  12. That Maratac was real pretty and nice! Just two problems .. :crying: Out of stock and no shipping out of the US :thumbdown
  13. Ah. I just saw that you're in Sweden. Apologies. Had I looked, I wouldn't have recommended the Maratac.
  14. Well, you've made me want one! Just a shame they're out of stock or I would have tried to convince them to ship it to me anyways :w00t: If anyone knows something similar to the Maratac feel free to chime in here and tell me about it!
  15. The problem with pilot watches like the Maratac is that they're usually more expensive than they should be. Exceptions are Maratac itself, things like Junkers, Graf Zeppelin, or Garton (which is from China but the mechanicals are good quality by all reports). If you're okay with a 42mm case (which is personally my limit since I too have thin wrists) the Garton is worth looking into. They come in large, huge, and ridiculous dial sizes.:biggrin1: (42, 44, and 47)

    I have a Parnis made by the same people and I love it (though it has a hand-winding movement). Search Ebay or look at the Chinese Watches section of for reputable vendors.
  16. Well it seems like pilot watches are right up my alley and from what I have noticed looking around you seem to be correct about that they usually cost more than they should. I'm not sure if a 42mm would fit me since the one I have now has a 40mm case and it is pretty well sized for my wrists. The Garton pilot in 42mm seems pretty nice however, will consider it!
  17. Some like them and some do not ... but for a decent daily wear watch, I have an Invicta men's pro diver. Sort of a Rolex Submariner look. I really didn't want anything for a daily that was expensive ... but that was solid and worked well. So far after 2 years I've had no problems. I believe it was around $75 USD and a 5 year warranty. For more formal engagments ... I wear my Movado Sapphire Synergy.

    here's a photo of an Invicta to the right of a Rolex Submariner: $100_1584.jpg
  18. Yeah, Invictas get slagged by watch snobs but it's one of those brands that you either love or hate. I got one back in 2003 and it's still ticking and working fine.
  19. Looks pretty nice but I am hooked on the pilot/military simplistic look :001_wub: I am seriously considering sending a mail to county comm to see if there can be some kind of shipping arrangement when the mid size Maratac is back in stock :drool:

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