Help identifying vintage Gillette razor?

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  1. Hi all, first post here. I just picked up this razor at an antique store for $15. It's in pretty great shape; I'm just curious if anyone could help identify the model. It's a single piece TTO DE razor, and it says Gillette and made in USA under the head. My first guess was a Gillette Super Speed, but the nurlings on the bottom of the handle look different. Any ideas? If more pictures are needed to help identify, I have a few that I could post. Thanks.

  2. That's a Gillette President, and if you only paid $15 for it, you my friend have the score of the month! Those regularly go for many times that price. I've got a 100 Gillettes and not one President.
    Congrats and welcome to B&B.
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  4. eBay prices in really good shape (this one looks like it may be) typically $200 to $300, sometimes less sometimes more. Fantastic score for $15 (both of mine are from 1953, seems to be a common year for them, not sure how many years they were made, I don't think many). Check the date code on the underside of the head, a single letter (Y is '53) and a single number (1-4, denotes the quarter of the year made).

    Great catch!
  5. My heart literally skipped a beat. Congrats! I paid $97 for my President, and then some more for the case. Goodness.
  6. I am giddy right now to hear this--thank you all for your information. As for the year, I don't see it--under the head, it simply says: "REG US - PAT OFF - Gillette - Made in USA". On the inside of the top, under where the blade would go, it says "PAT NOS. ON PKG."

    EDIT: On second thought, the year could be obscured. There seems to be some dried shaving gunk I need to clean off in the corners, maybe it's under there. I'll take another look once I give it a thorough cleaning.
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  7. I'm jealous saying it. What luck! I've never seen one without a date code, are you sure?

    edit: Also, just to feed your curiosity, here's a picture from Mr. Razor aka Achim's website:

  8. Major league snag, Sir. Polish her up a bit and post photos (although it looks to need little help)! :thumbup1:
  9. OK, I cleared up some of the dried white gunk using water and a cotton swab--it has a Y on the left side under "REG US."
  10. 1953 it is. In the opposite corner, you'll find the number representing which quarter of 1953. Congrats again on a great find :thumbup1:
  11. I've never seen a President that WASN'T from '53. The one I kept is, the one I traded to Michael was, I believe Bill's is... anyone have a President from another year?
  12. Wow!! Nice score, and for the very first razor buy, too!
  13. Dammit Kyle, I hate you!
  14. Thank you all for your responses. I also saw a slim looking (not heavy duty like the president), gold Gillette DE three piece razor. Would any of you happen to know what this might be? It was on the cheap, $6.

    Edit: Another distinguishing factor was that the top of the head had the Gillette logo on it.
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  15. Almost certainly a tech. Without a date code it's hard to guess at how old it is, but I *think* the logo on the cap was introduced in... '46? Someone will come along and correct me shortly.

    edit: As an afterthought, see if you can find it here: Browse to "Razors," then "Tech" because I think that's what it is. If you can't find it... try another category :p
  16. It could quite possible be a tech. You know, at just $6, I might as well just buy it for the hell of having it. I'll post pictures tomorrow morning after I make the purchase. :biggrin1:
  17. I know a guy who got dealt a full house on his first hand of poker.

    He spent years trying to live up to that first hand....:lol:

    Congrats on the superb score, and by all means grab the Tech.
  18. Picked up the $6 (suspected) tech. It's not in great condition--there's some green on it; might have to use some CLR to clean it up. Is it a Tech, as we suspected? The date code is Z4.

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  19. A Tech it is. Be careful when cleaning it that you don't use any abrasive polishes, they will remove what remains of the gold plating.
  20. Check for a date code like on the President. If there is none, it is pre-1951. If the slots by the safety bars are slightly triangle shaped, it is 1945 or earlier (1938 being the very first, but I don't think the ball handle was out yet). If the slots have parallel sides instead, it is 1946 or later.

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