Help, identify this duck.

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  1. Hi, I saw this duck as I walked around Wade-Lagoon in CLE,OH. There were plenty of other geese and ducks at the Lagoon but this one stood apart. Does anyone know what breed he is?
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  2. M80

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    invisible duck?
  3. Ahhh, too funny:001_smile, however I have managed to upload the photo, can you help?
  4. luvmysuper

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    Muscovy Duck
  5. It's a muscovy duck, probably feral.
  6. Jim

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    Amen, A little sage and savory at 275 for 2 hours then crisp under the broiler/
  7. Thanks for your help, I just Googled "Muscovy" and found them. I will read up for some additional info.
  8. Poor ugly fellow. I always got a kick out of the ducks with little poofs of hair :laugh:
  9. My first thought was, “That duck looks like it was put together by a committee."
  10. A committee of drunk biologists with evil senses of humor.
  11. Cant go wrong with some Hoisin sauce

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  12. madcap3693

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    Definetly a Muscovy duck. Not native to your area.
  13. It's probably a feral duck.
  14. M80

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    I thought this was interesting when I looked up feral Muscoby Duck.
    In the US, Muscovy Ducks are considered an invasive species. An owner may raise them for food production only (not for hunting). Similarly, if the ducks have no owner, 50CFR Part 21 allows the removal or destruction of the Muscovy ducks, their eggs and nests anywhere in the United States outside of Hidalgo, Starr, and Zapata counties in Texas where they are considered indigenous. The population in southern Florida is considered, with a population in the several thousands, to established there enough be is considered "countable" for bird watchers.

    Legal methods to restrict breeding include not feeding these ducks, deterring them with noise or by chasing, and finding nests and vigorously shaking the eggs to render them non-viable. Returning the eggs to the nest will avoid re-laying as the female would if the clutch were removed.
    Recent legislation in the USA prohibits trading of Muscovy Ducks and plans for eradication are in order to solve nuisance problems.
  15. I would probably put that ugly SOB out of his misery and fix like pictured above.
  16. $045.jpg $055.jpg
    I enjoyed all the responses this to the post. Here are snapshots of Wade-Lagoon, it is nice when the trees blossom during spring.


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