Help! Dry skin.. What balm? Pre-shave Oil?

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  1. So after a couple months of DE shaving and a week of straight razor shaving I've come to the conclusion that I need a balm with serious moisturizers. I've always had dry skin and my face is no exception. I don't have overly sensitive skin, but I really don't want to have a medicine cabinet of balms simply to find the "one" that works. Any recommendations for a moisture rich balm would be appreciated. The only balm I have currently is Pre de Province w/ shea butter. It absorbs quickly, smells pretty good, doesn't leave my skin sticky, but also doesn't moisturize enough. Perhaps I should try a pre-shave oil in my routine?
  2. Might I suggest the obvious - use a moisturiser after your balm? Ask the missus if you can have a go at hers (unless she has oily skin) or pop into a chemist/beauty shop and ask. You don't need to spend a fortune nor do you have to stick with products marketed for men. I can't give specific products I find work because I'm unfamiliar with what's available over at your side of the pond but I'm sure you have a pot of Nivea creme (in the classic dark blue container) about the house that'll do for now.
  3. I have been using the wife's facial moisturizer, but I had forgotten about Nivea. My mother uses it, and she has similar skin issues. Thanks for the reminder Burgundy! I was just hoping to be able to use one product.
  4. Nivea sensitive ASB is a very decent product and might be "the ticket" for you. Should be easily found in your area

  5. Nivea is good, and I would also recommend Musgo Real shave balm.
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    Also, try Speick balm.
  7. Agreed. However, I would add the Proraso after shave balm to that list.

  8. Two very good balms. I would add Proraso balm to the list.
  9. Nivea Sensitive is great stuff. Trumpers skinfood is also a pleasure to use!
  10. how old are you I ask this because after 25 you need a daily facial moisturizer. plain and simple. I don't use balms, only aftershave splash as it helps with the burn better and knicks. then I always follow with a good facial moisturizer. any decent oine will do. I use Jack Black with spf. awesome stuff.
    preshave oils are mainly for the shave but does help. But I suggest a simple facial moisturizer after your daily shave routine. everything else is excess,
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    Every Man Jack post shave lotion
  12. Thanks for all the input. I've always used moisturizers, but was hoping to find a all-in-one solution. The Nivea may be the closest I'll find to that. I live in AK so cold weather = dry skin. The hottest it's gotten this "summer" is 72 degrees, and I was dying... amazing how you acclimate. This last winter we had 6 weeks of -30 or colder, now that will wreak some havoc on your skin.
  13. What about the Arko classic moisturizing cream it has beeswax, glycerin, and lanolin in it just to name a few ingredients. It is unfortuanlly not as natural as I would like but I think it would work well for your dry skin. It can be found in the tube form from and it can be found in tub form from
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  14. Also consider GFT Skin Food
  15. I had dry skin (especially the T-area around the eyebrows and sides of nose) that I was moisturizing with Nivea Men's sensitive skin lotion, which worked very well, but then I started drinking 80 oz of water a day at the advice of a nutritionist (40 oz during work and 40 oz in the evening). No more dry skin. So, I know it sounds like a silly question, but have you tried the drinking more water thing first? Always better to try a natural cure before the man-made solutions...

    But if that is not the problem, then I highly recommend the Nivea cream. It's the same product family as the famous PSB, but it's the lotion.
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  16. Pre-shave can be helpful, also using a good moisturizing, nourishing soap such as WFS or MdC will help your skin during the shave. As ASB Speick is great. In winter, I will also have to resort to a regular moisturizing cream post shave. The many ASBs I have were great in Summer come colder weather I will resort to Weleda creams or even cold cream of sorts depending on temperatures in Germany.
  17. +1 for Nivea sensitive. Bought some last week, and it does a nice job.

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