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  1. Good afternoon, Gents-

    Partially due to my desire to curb my smoking/chewing habit, and partially due to my curiosity to try new things I ordered a few nasal snuffs.

    Having watched a few youtubes and a read a few forums I ordered some Fribourg & Treyer Old Paris, McChrystal's Original and Genuine (as well as a small Highland Ice), Wilson's of Sharrow Irish Coffee, Toque Cherry Menthol, and then a few little 99 cent things just to sample.

    While waiting for my snuff to arrive, I bought some American Dental Sweet Snuff at the grocery store. This stuff is really hard to sniff. There's no way for me to sniff it without it instantly being in my throat. After several sniffs it eventually quit stinging my nose, but it still went straight to my throat.

    Yesterday, my snuff arrived (see picture; I included a couple of super speeds so you guys would feel at home). I love the McChrystal's (both types, which seem identical really). That stuff is fantastic. I'm trying to get into the Old Paris (which smells just like Skoal Straight), but I can't get a lot of flavor out of it. Those are the only ones I've tried.

    I guess I'm writing this thread to ask for advice. All of the how-to's on the snuff forums talk about leaving the snuff in the front of your nose, and NOT getting it into your sinuses. I just don't see how this is possible without just taking some snuff and rubbing inside your nostril. Advice?

    Also, there are a lot of comments about how long to leave the snuff in your nose before blowing it out. After several pinches yesterday my nose wasn't the slightest bit runny, and blowing my nose produced nothing.

    Am I doing it right? I don't think I'll enjoy the flavors if I'm not doing this properly. Though, again, I love the McChrystal's. Help a snuff newbie out, please.

  2. I've always aimed for the back o the nose/front of the sinuses. The trick is to not get it pas there into the lungs (it's snuff, not coke). That's always worked the best for me in terms of flavour/effectiveness.

    It can be a bit tricky to get it there, but practice helps. I've found that a quick short inhale, with the other nostril open works best.

    As for the blowing it out, I've never seen anybody blow it out at all. Never even knew anybody who tried to do so. it stays there and gets absorbed. It'll come out in the morning for the bits that don't.
  3. Good. That's sort of what I expected/experienced. But there are a few guides that say things like:
    How long? Hell, after I sniff it, it's gone! It was sort of confusing me.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Anybody else got a tip?

    PS- I forgot to mention in my first post that I ordered a 99 cent bullet full of Sandalwood snuff, and wouldn't you know it, as my bonus freebie I got a 2nd bullet of Sandlewood. This stuff smells ATROCIOUS! Well, it smells okay for incense, but I can't imagine taking a pinch of this stuff. It would be like squirting a spritz of cologne into your nostril whilst inhaling. I'll be giving it away.
  4. I can imagine. I had the same reaction to the McCrystals violet. Smelled lovely in general, but not up my nose.

    Raspberry, Mentholated, or original are the flavours I generally stick to.

    EDIT: As you seem to have picked up quite a lot (and I found it takes a while to go through even a small bit, unless you're snuffing constantly), a tip: put a few grains of rice in your snuffboxes to keep the snuff dry and non-clumpy. Works a charm.
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  5. Excellent. My mom uses the rice trick in her salt shakers. Will do.

    I definitely feel like the mentholated is my favorite thus far.
  6. for extra fine dry snuff, the kind that hits the troat easily, i find the best way is to do it by taking a pinch wiping your finger edges to get any risidual off , and putting both fingers just slightly into your nostril, it reduces the amount of air that your sucking in and effectively gives the snuff enough time to cling to the inner part of your nostril, without going to your sinuses,

    i find if you let the snuf get to your sinuses it may help clear them out if it's mentholated, but after a day or two your body will get used to it and start getting very plugged up by it, lots of congestion,

    so the best thing you can do is try your very best to keep it in your nose,

    another good spot to do it from is the little indentation right behind the nuckle on your first finger, put a little dash of the more moist snuff there, and have it so that all the snuff is in your nose and you have an almost airtight seal around it, before gently breathing in as your release your hand, , it will lightly deliver the snuff into your nose

    good good stuff,

    any other questions you can alway s join the Snuff Haus, and theres a few more knowledgable people ther
  7. Excellent. I will try your recommended methods. I'm a little bummed that you say I'll get used to the menthol, because I was thinking this stuff would be the best wintertime cold medicine I've ever used.
  8. I mean moreso that if you snuff itback too far , it will be in a place that in time will get irritated and will start the congestion on its own, as aresult of the snuff,

    if you keep it in the front of the nose,it will clear the nose no matter what,

    if you get it in the sinuses it will clear the nose, but only for a certain amount of time, for me it took 2 weeks,

    that's why i was saying to keep it in the front of the nose : )

    it's great great stuff in winter,

    you should buy a tin of Poschl Gletscher prise, it means glacier pinch in german, it has camphor, eucyliptus , menthol and columbia oil, and knocks your socks off , it's also a euro grind with natural oils in it, so it's moister,and less fine, so you can snuff a large amount without sneezing or getting it in the lungs, i've done lines from mid forearm to knuckles in each nostril without any trouble,
  9. When I first started snuffing I did it from the back of my hand as Jatte described as its much less likely to hit the back of the throat or go straight to the sinus. Its hard to look cool and debonair when you're choking,coughing and crying. :crying: It probably took me a couple months until I got my pinching technique refined enough that I pinch exclusively now even the fine & dry snuffs. With practice you can actually control (to a point) where the snuff hits the inside of your nose by the angle that you hold your thumb and index finger to your nose. It helps too,to take a deep breath,filling your lungs completely full and then snuff. Its hard to explain but you want to snuff with your nose rather than your lungs.

    As far as I know all of the American snuffs with the exception of 2 are all fine and dry scotch type snuffs and kind of difficult for a beginner. The exceptions are Swisher Railroad Mills "Checkerberry" and "Maccoboy". If you like Menthol you might like Checkerberry as its made from Teaberry leaf extract thats essentially wintergreen oil. I'm not a fan of wintergreen snus,dip or candy but its an excellent snuff. Very moist also. Maccoboy is a moist snuff too but my first thought was "This smells like a cat litter box!" I let it sit out on my PC desk shelf for a few months and being the die hard snuffer that I am decided that"OK,it smells like cat pee but I'll try it again". :tongue: After its dried for awhile its much better,reminds me of Copenhagen. If you haven't found it yet you can find user reviews of snuff at that'll give you an idea what they're like.

    As far as nose blowing I don't think theres any rule of thumb,just whenever you feel its necessary. I use a nasal rinse sometimes before bed or just whenever my nose feels a little dried out. The cheap Walmart or Winco contact lens/saline solution (1.99 for 16 ozs) is the same thing thats in the $5 (4oz) nasal rinses. Its just saline solution.

    Like Jatte said the menthols can actually cause congestion or stuffiness with prolonged use but some get along fine with them. If they do try Checkerberry or maybe Toque Peppermint.

    I had to laugh (and agree) re sandlewood. Last winter a friend on a snus forum sent me a smash box of French Carotte,which is when I discovered that contact lens solution is a pretty good nasal rinse. I haven't forgiven him yet. :biggrin:
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  10. THAT sounds like a pretty interesting method. I'll try that after lunch.

    I've had a neti pot in my Amazon cart on several occasions because of great things people have said about them, but they just seem so weird that I've never pulled the trigger. Maybe this new snuff habit is just the thing to make me finally give it a try. For some reason, I think I'd like the squeeze methods more than the regular neti pot version. Something like this.

    It's brutal. I put the two bullets in a ziploc bag and have placed them in a desk drawer. I don't even wanna keep them with my other snuffs for fear of infecting the snuffs I like! Just opening the drawer hits me with a Sandalwood uppercut to the face.

    I gotta tell ya fellas, I went through about 3/4ths of my small McChrystals Highland Ice yesterday. Not only did I not smoke or chew anything, but I probably drank about a third of the amount of beer that I normally would on College Football saturday. Snuff could pay a variety dividends if that trend keeps up.
  11. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    This is a very interesting thread, i appreciate you posting it!

    where is the best place to learn about it at the 101 level?
  12. Josh, from me :) haha,

    any questions i can definitely help,

    northerner has the best selection and youc an tack it onto your snus orders :)

    PM me if you want to set up an order , i can help with some shipping and give a couple pointers :) as long as i can tack onto your order, HAHA
  13. Always happy to answer questions about snuff if I can. I come here to read the shaving info,I'm just happy to see the occassional subject I can comment on.

    I know I cut my snusing at least in half if not more by snuffing.
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