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  1. Hey guys. New wet shaver here :001_smile I've been researching on this awesome forum for about two weeks now and I'm happy to say that I finally have all the pieces together! My razor came in bout a couple days ago and my strop and Mama Bear soap should be coming in soon. By far, the hardest part for me was choosing a brush. I might sound a little naive, but I wanted this to be my first and only brush. I purchased a Rooney 1/1 and some Castle Forbes cream last night and can't wait for those to come in :biggrin1:
  2. Welcome to B&B! Sounds like you are well on your way. Great choice on brush. However, if that really will be your only brush, then you are stronger than most members here. Good luck!
  3. Welcome o B&B. Congrats on the brush choice even though brushes have a tendency to multiply after a while:001_rolle
  4. Welcome to B&B!:thumbup1:
    Just wait until the AD's set in!!:lol:
  5. ackvil

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    Welcome to B&B. Glad you joined us.
  6. Welcome! Relative newbie myself (~1 month). This forum is great for the curious, novices, and pros.
  7. congrats from another newbie
  8. Luc

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    Welcome to B&B!
  9. Welcome to B & B. You have been warned about BAD, but be prepared. Lots f goodies await you. Start thinking about where to put them. As we say, resistance is futile.

  10. Welcome Aboard..
  11. Welcome to B&B !!
  12. Welcome. Glad you joined. Enjoy yourself.:001_smile
  13. Welcome:001_smile
  14. congratulation and smooth shaving
  15. Welcome!
  16. Welcome to B&B!

    The Rooney 1/1 is a great brush, congratulations.
  17. Welcome Keon! Hmmm. First and only? You did order a great brush. Keep in mind there are other great experiences to be found with different brushes also! Have Fun!
  18. Welcome to B&B
  19. Welcome to the forum! Yeah, about that One Brush... we've all been there..

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