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  1. for the last couple of weeks I've been shaving exclusively with a Rolls razor. There, I said it.

    I don't know what happened to me. I used to rotate a Darwin, a Toggle, a New Big Boy Deluxe, an ABC, a Senator, a Fatboy, an Aristocrat....None of these guys seem to interest me that much any more. I've got 5 (maybe 6) Rolls now for backups and parts. I am looking for a Rolls Deluxe D.:blushing: I am a junky for sure, but I'm getting really good performance for my '51 Imperial so I'm going with it. :thumbup:
  2. I guess I'll take that Darwin off your hands since you aren't using it anymore. I'd hate to see it go to waste, you know.
  3. Bravo:thumbup:
  4. I have been thinking about pulling out one of my Rolls razors again, they are great shavers.
    Have you treated your strop with anything?
  5. I'm trying out Devo red now. I've had to take up spindle cleaning, honing stone cleaning, friction pad reconditioning and strop rehab'ing as I go along.

    I cycle strops every week now to give'em time to recoup. :biggrin1: My latest recovered strop (It was a wreck)
  6. Good for you. My wife sez I have a terrible case of AD when it comes to Rolls Razors, but actually they are mostly there in case I need spare parts. (My story, and I'm sticking to it!:001_tongu)

    I have been using a Rolls since I was given one in 1949 by an engineer uncle. Actually I needed only to replace the hone in the early 50's when I dropped it on a steel deck during some very heavy weather while serving aboard a destroyer.

    Not a bad idea about rotating the strops, but again I didn't find it necessary.

    I bought out a tobacconist's stock of strop dressing in the 50's when I saw a newspaper article in Glasgow, that the company was ending production of the razors. I still have one unopened one left:w00t:

    I wish you many years of quality shaving. My only advice is try slightly different stroke techniques to find which one works best for you. The Rolls has its own characteristics and requires you to develop a special technique for your face to get the best shave from it every time.

    Happy shaving :shaving:
  7. Interestingly enough, I am also "gregindallas." My name is Greg and I live in Dallas. Only a different Dallas, just slightly to the east in the great state of Georgia!

    All the best to you, brother! :thumbup1:

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