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  1. First and foremost I wanted to thank everyone that has contributed to this board. It has been an immeasurable help in my switch from the constant irritation from razor burn and ingrown hairs from cartridge shaving. AOS gave me a start with products and I picked up a Merkur 34C off Amazon. The first couple shaves were pretty brutal but I've improved my technique with the help from the outstanding threads on this site. I look forward to trying new products other than AOS and maybe someday I'll work up the stones to give a straight a try. A little about me I guess. 29 yrs old, married father of one with a another on the way. Active Duty Air Force with 11 years service. Again, a million thanks for all the help in making this transition a smooth one!
  2. Welcome!

    First, thank you for your service.

    Glad to hear that you're making use of the threads on B&B.
    Keep exploring; there's so much info here.

    Also, if you have not already watched them, check out mantic59's videos on YouTube.
  3. Welcome Aboard!
  4. Hello and welcome from a fellow veteran (USCG). B&B is a great place with a lot of helpful information and generous people. Hope you enjoy.

    My very first blades were Derby's. They are very forgiving IMO. Worth a try and part of many sample packs of blades...which would be one suggestion. Another word of wisdom I received from someone here: product choices are almost unlimited, but only change one thing at a time, using it for a couple days to see if it works before moving on and trying another thing. Trial and error can get expensive fast. I am living proof of that.
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    Hi C5:

    Welcome to B&B and thank you for your service.

    Don't completely count out AOS as far as their creams and soaps. They are pretty well thought of around here.

    Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have and enjoy your shaves.

  6. Welcome to B&B. Good to see another convert from "the dark side" of shaving

    If you haven't seen Mantic59's youtube videos on wet shaving you should take a look at them for a few pointers

  7. C5FE;

    Welcome to this great site, and as already said, thank You for your 11 years of service to this great country :thumbup1:. Congrats on the family, and the new one coming. I'm getting a new grandson around the middle of June, am looking forward to that.

    The best to you and your's Sir.
  8. Welcome to B&B!!
  9. Welcome and thanks for fighting for our country your service is not forgotten!
    I see your in san Antonio I grew up around there . Universal city right outside randolph a.f.b.
    Good luck with the shaving.
  10. Welcome to B&B. Shaves DO get better with technique. Wishing the best going forward!
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    Welcome aboard, mate. With time, practice and patience things will go much better. Do not worry.
  12. Welcome to B&B!:thumbup1: Good to have you with us:001_smile
  13. Welcome to B&B !!
  14. Welcome to B&B !!
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  16. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  17. Pleased to hear from you. I wish I could tell you we have good support for wet shaving locally. We don't. Personally, I've not felt that the Art of Shaving was about what I do when I stand in front of a mirror with a Gillette DE in hand, and haven't driven that far to look at their operation in person.
  18. Welcome. Yup, B&B really got me going from the 'it hurts, it's expensive and I get a bad shave days'.
    Sounds like you have a beautiful family going there. Good luck, and like everyone else said, thank you for serving.
  19. AOS got me started. I was frustrated with constant razor burn and ingrown hairs with products like Neutrogena shave gel paired with a Fusion Power. I picked up their starter pack on the advice of one of the girls that worked there. She was super nice and thought that maybe I had super sensitive skin and suggested I go with the unscented line. After a week with the AOS products and the aforementioned Fusion I was getting the same irritation and ingrowns. Enough was enough and I ordered a Merkur 34C from Amazon (I've since picked up a full kit in the Lavender scent from AOS as well). I still get a little irritation but nothing near as bad as with the Fusion. Before the DE I shaved daily for work and usually took the weekends off because by thurs/fri my neck was just about an open wound from the redness and burn. With the Merkur and AOS products I've shaved as many as 7 days straight with little to no problems. Needless to say, but I am a devout convert to classic wet shaving.
  20. We had a dress code in high school; no beards, mustaches, or long sideburns. I shaved once a week when I was 14 to keep my coach from making me drop and do twenty pushups. It was 57 years ago last October. The Mach3 and Fusion just weren't any improvement over the Sensor Excel, and the pricing on cartridges for all three were totally out of line. I had DE-shaved from '68 to '88, roughly, and still would use my Gillette Adjustable when I wanted a longer-lasting shave, but it was the absence of a new Sensor handle from the shaving supplies display that ended up with me digging into drawers here and getting out all of the relics of a half century. All but two of the earliest of my razors, pre-1968, have disappeared or been tossed out.

    I had a lot of pre-cartridge, pre-gel miscellaneous on hand, just way at the back of cabinet shelves. Nevertheless, I am about to buy still another pair of DE razors. I wish you the best of luck. I was about 28, myself, when I started DE shaving most every day, after several years of Injector shaving.

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