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  1. Hello to all. I found this forum while searching the web for information on traditional wet shaving, and joined today because it seemed like a very friendly and informative place. I am new to traditional shaving, and in fact I still have yet to do it. I don't have any major issues with my skin and shaving right now, but I also know that things could be better, so I initially went looking around for changes in products, face care, anything to do with shaving that could improve things. That led me to read more about traditional shaving and about better products than what I've been using, so here I am. So in the next week or so I'll likely own a new safety razor, a brush, and a good cream or soap to start things off. Thanks to many of you who have already helped me learn several things, even before I've asked any questions!

  2. Welcome to B+B!

    This forum and its members offer a wealth of useful information, in a collegial and supportive manner. Good luck and enjoy! :biggrin1:
  3. Welcome to badger and blade, Greg! Enjoy the ride and good luck with your future traditional shaves.
  4. Welcome to a new way of doing things. Here you will find a library of knowledge that no other can compare to, as far as the subject of shaving goes.
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    Welcome to B&B.

    If you haven't already done so, take a look at this post. It will answer many of your questions.
  6. Welcome to B&B.

  7. Welcome aboard. Once you start with the "traditional" equipment and get a few good shaves under your belt, you'll never go back. It's such a luxurious experience compared to the lift and cut multi-blade modern panaceas...
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    Welcome, Greg!
  9. Welcome to B&B, Greg
  10. Welcome, and good luck with the shaving. I hope it turns out as well for you as it did for me.
  11. Welcome to B&B !!
  12. Welcome Aboard!
  13. sea


    welcome to the site! enjoy the journey
  14. Welcome to B&B, I'm in Southern California too about 20 minutes north of Los Angeles. Great to hear about locals! I sometimes feel like I'm the only one around here...
  15. welcome. and enjoy the lather. don't think about it, just lather and smile.
  16. Hello and welcome Greg
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    Welcome to B&B! Let us know how it goes once you get your gear.
  18. Hey Greg, Welcome to B&B!
  19. Welcome to the B.

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