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  1. It seems strange to call myself a newbie when I first shaved with a DE in 1964. Anyway after many years with various electrics, injectors and carts I've come full circle back to my starting position. My journey back started with the decision about 6 months ago to head shave (based on my baldness it's more accurately semi-head shave). After trying unsuccessfully to use an old Norelco that was in storage for about 15 years (really poor cut and significant burn) and then cutting myself with my Fusion so severely it took a couple of weeks to heal, I started looking at my options. I considered a Headshaver, but with the undulations on my head and the misadventure with the Fusion I decided to look elsewhere. I found myself at an Art of Shaving store looking at various electrics that could be used in the shower with shaving cream. It was my first chance to look at the wares for wet shaving with various creams, soaps, AS, and numerous straights and safety razors. Well you can guess the rest, so here I am back to relearning and trying to recall old shaving skills. I am currently using a Panasonic in the shower for the head shave with a light touch up with my new Merkur 47C at the sink while my face preshave does it's work. My 47C is currently loaded with a Wilkinson Sword for my face/neck shaves, with a number of other make blades patiently awaiting their turn to impress me. My den has an AoS silver tip badger, Ocean Kelp preshave lotion, cream and AS. Recently I have added green Proraso pre/post shave and cream to the den.

    So while the hardware and software are similar, what has changed from 50 years ago is the resources of this site. With the documented trials of many, the availability of mentors, teachers, coaches and other wet shaving enthusiasts to help in my journey back home, I'm looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead.
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