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  1. Hello all new to this whole Wetshaving thing, but I really want to give it a shot. I'm tired of using $3-$5 cartridges to shave for like 10 minutes and have a face that is as dry as a desert. Plus I figure why not enjoy something that I have to do daily anyway. So, that is why I am here and hope I can find a good setup soon. :001_smile

    Need to know which badger brushes are good and more so a good value for what you get. Right now using a boar hair and its relatively new so that is why bristles might be hard, but I really want to get a good badger brush so that it would feel better on my skin and better for lathering. Got relatively sensitive skin at times so yea a soft brush would help.
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  2. Welcome, try to take your time with products (brushes, blades, razors and so on) before giving up on them. I just got a boar brush and I like it even with my sensitive skin.
  3. Welcome! I use a VDH Deluxe boar, about as cheap as they come, and with sensitive skin it works when broken in.
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  6. Welcome to B&B. There are plenty of people around to offer great advice. Good luck!
  7. Welcome to the B! We're glad you found us and made your first post.

    Here is some information on brushes:http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/Choosing_your_first_shaving_brush

    I'm not sure what boar brush you have, but if it has trimmed ends, it won't ever break in like a quality boar brush. I believe the most bang for the buck is in a quality boar brush, followed by a 'best' badger brush from a major manufacturer or as a rebuilt brush that many of our members often have for sale on the BST Forum. Quality Boars are in the $12-$25 price range, and new "best badgers" are in the $50 - $100 price range. The tips of a quality boar do become soft when broken in, and the brush retains enough stiffness to lather with soaps or creams.

    Let us know what other items you are considering for your first kit. We do have a lot of suggestions and a lot of combined experience.
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  12. Welcome! For good badger brushes you can find a ton online. If recommend wcs for their simpson line or even done of the parkers on amazon. Radically, look at about less than 40 for a good brush.
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    Welcome to B&B. Peruse the review section of brushes to get some ideas. A lot depends on how much you can spend.
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