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  1. Hello Gentleman, I am what would be considered a newbie with a DE safety razor. I picked up one at Sally's as I was leaving. The razor is made by The Shaving Company and I am using the personna blades Sally's had in stock.
    I am wondering what razor would be a good purchase as I am new to this, also-blades? Are there any that won't chew up my face like the personna?
    Any recommends or tips are GREATLY appreciated!
  2. A merkur hd or an edwinn jagger de89 are both great beginner razors. Also recommend a blade sampler pack to see what your skin likes best.
  3. Any suggestions as to where I can find a sampler pack?
  4. Welcome and as Coburn says above! The DE89 would be my choice, having both. (Mine's the ivory DE87 but the same thing)

  5. Thank You! Is it my technique or or are the personna blades a little dull?
  6. Welcome Aboard!! You cannot go wrong with either the Jagger 89 series, Merkur HD 34C or the Gillette Tech.
  7. It is probably your technique. This shaving method takes time to learn and master. I have never heard of the razor that you have however the blades are generally pretty good. check into mantic ytube vids and that should get you started. Personally don't change your blades until you have had some time under your belt to work out the problems.
  8. Amazon or West Coast Shaving for blades.
  9. Quite like Personna blades. Give your technique time, as it contributes more to comfort than the kit.
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    Welcome to B&B.

    Most likely it's not the blades that are chewing up your face but your technique.

    The usual advice is to let the weight of the razor do the job - not put pressure on the blade. To put that in action I have found that using the two fingers and my thumb to hold the razor with another finger resting on the tip of the handle. This results in holding the razor very lightly with no pressure on the razor. You want to hold the razor as lightly as you can without it falling from your hand. I have found that using the right grip on your razor goes a long way in keeping pressure off of the blade. This post may help you. Also, take a look at this wiki.

    As for blade angle here is a good post that may help you.
  11. Welcome to B&B !!
  12. There are several vendors in The Marketplace here on B&B that could fix you up with a good sampler pack or you can simply Google DE blade sampler pack and come up with a
    bucket load of places that can hook you up.
  13. Welcome!
  14. Thanks guys. I took the advice offered and I changed my grip, shaved slowly and tried my best not to apply and pressure to the blade. I got a nice shave, the neck area is still somewhat of a challenge but, no cuts!
    Thanks for the advice! If anybody has a gameplan for the neck, Adam's apple area I am all ears.
  15. This seems to be a sensitive area for me as well, typically I just do one WTG pass and call it good enough. I can get it smoother but it isn't usually worth the irritation. Good lather and a very light touch is the ticket to irritation free shaves.
  16. map your hair around the apple. I will bet that you are going against the grain before you have actually performed a beard reduction. Something else you might want to try is blade buffing in that area.
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  17. Welcome. Learn. Enjoy!

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