Healthy sunblock: Recommendations?

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  1. I am looking around for a good healthy sunblock. Essentially, the only active ingredients in there should be zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Also preferably in high concentrations. The only ones I have found were Mexitan, and Aveeno mineral block. Mexitan looks very promising, and the Aveeno mineral block is pathetic.

    Are there any others that you can think of?
  2. How about this one?

    I've never tried it, but it looks promising, and their other products I've tried have been good.

    I'll be following this thread, I've had bad reactions to some other sunscreens in the past.
  3. I prefer sunscreens with either tinosorb or mexoryl which I have read are more effective than zinc and titanium though those are definitely on the short list of effective sunblocks. I get mine thru Canada though I believe mexoryl may now be available in the US. They are extremely effective and no health issues I could find.
  4. A quick google search and I found the following information. Tinosorb is just a trade name for octinoxate which is common in many sunblock. Mexoryl on the other hand, seems to be very effective and potent, but its patent is held by L'Oreal. So, mexoryl can only be found in L'Oreal's products, and they are not exactly the go to brand for great sunblock.

    I took a look at Elta MD. It looks promising, but it is only available at doctor offices. I cannot buy it at their website. So this is a dud.

  6. I buy it a I get the 8oz size of the UV shield. and others have it too. Much better prices than the derm's office too. I've tried about everything and Elta MD is fantastic.
  7. I spent a whole bunch of time replying to this thread and a Florida lightning storm just took out my router and timed out my session so I will not be rewriting. Here's the bottom line on what I wrote. I've tried them all. Literally spent HUNDREDS of $$$$ trying to find the best. Some irritate my skin, some break me out. Some bleed into my eyes from my head when they get wet. Some flat out do not work. I live on a Florida beach, surf & kitesurf ALOT. I'm 35 so I don't want sun damage or sunspots on my face or my shaved head. Literally, 25+ brands. Drugstore, Department Store, Surf Shop, Specialty Store...ALL OF THEM. You get the idea. I don't know what you want to use it for, but my recommendation is:

    ELTA MD. Do what you have to to acquire it. It's worth it. It's that good.

    If for some reason you can't..then I would purchase Shiseido. Both are a bit more expensive than "drug store" brands but you will thank me in a PM later :)
  8. Well, I just Googled it, because I'm intrigued. Elta MD has a lot of them. Which one do you like?
  9. Being in the ocean for long periods of time I use the Sport 50.
  10. The UV Clear, UV Shield, and UV Daily I have tried and all are excellent. I use the UV Shield now because I can get it in an 8 oz. pump so it's the cheapest to use. It's around $60 but often has a 20% off sale with free shipping so it comes out less than $50. It will last a long time.
  11. The Sport also comes in an 8 oz. pump and the dermatologist sells a HUGE jar but I've never looked into that. Thank you for the info on the website...I'm going to look into that and probably place an order as my bottle is almost out.
  12. Reading up on the Clear and the Shield, it appears they go on with no residue. I would believe this as I've found their marketing and claims to be SPOT ON to this point. The ONLY downfall of the Sport is that it does have a very mild white-ish tint to it when applied. Two points on that: 1) if it stays on and allows me to enjoy my sports, I don't care about that. For the most part, all zinc oxide products will leave a tad bit. 2) In the surfing world, colored sunscreen and having your face painted like a "Warrior" of sorts has become a style...

    Thought this may be helpful additional info. And I wanted to up my post count :)
  13. The Sport is very water resistant. I personally don't need one that's waterproof so I go with one of the others. The ones I mentioned before go on very matte with no white residue.
  14. Devita solar is another one. It's 100% natural and uses micronized zinc so there is no white cast. I use it most mornings and it's literally like putting on lotion. The downside is that it's not waterproof but I've never been burned wearing it even in high humidity sweaty weather. I use the body block which is a bit cheaper but it is still great for the face and about $20 for 7 oz.
  15. Unfortunately the site told me yesterday the manufacturer will no longer allow discounts so now offers a 10% reward point that translates into dollars in the following Quarter. At least it's tax free and free shipping...
  16. L'oreal makes some very, very good sunscreens. Mexoryl is also in LaRoche-Posay products, marketed under the trade name Anthelios.

    These are the best sunscreens in the world. They can be ordered online; Amazon carries them. They are not cheap, but they are the best of the best.
  17. if you are in Canadia, you can buy Loreal sunscreeen w/Mexoryl at the local drug store.
  18. I stand corrected. I haven't tried them all.

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