Have the Sharks dried up?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by dtom, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. I just did a troll on Ebay to see if the 300 Shark Super Stainless blades made in Egypt but sold through a couple different retailers in Turkey for $21 are still available. I bought mine 4 or 5 months ago just before the demonstrations in Cairo and the eventual deposition of Mubarrak. It seems the deal is no longer offered. I wonder if this is a sign about the future availability of this great blade? Does anyone know if the factory is still operating?
  2. What does this mean-
    "and the eventual deposition of Mubarrak"?
  3. StuMcB

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    Just checked the UK E-bay and plenty of offers for shark super stainless.
  4. Hosni Mubarak - president of Egypt. :wink2:
  5. What would Mubarek giving a deposition have to do with the razor blade manufacturing and/or marketing process??

    ....deposition about what?
  6. Mubarak, the president of Egypt, was deposed in the sense that he was forced to leave office.
  7. That deal was available up to a few days ago ie; last week.
  8. Awesome deal - just got into the Shark Chromes in my sampler pack and they're better than wally wilkies.
  9. I see the Shark SS deal on 300 pieces for US $21 is gone from Bestshave's site. Well, I got mine last month and have a bit under 100 of the SC variety as well.

    Que serĂ¡, serĂ¡,
  10. I looked at Ebay is the US and UK and can't find any of the 300 DE blades for $21 shipped anymore- all I can find are 100 or 200 blades for at least double the price or much smaller quantities at substatial prices. I checked one of the Amazon.com sellers and they are out of stock completely. I'm good for Shark Super Stainless blades for the next 5 years or so but I am still wondering if anyone knows if the plant that makes them is still operating at full production given the political and social changes in Egypt.
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  11. They're back, I E-Mailed my supplier and theres no supply problem, was just waiting for new shipment and ran short for a few days. So no panic folks.
  12. Upon reading your post I went back to Bestshave's web store. Sharks were not listed last night (U.S. Eastern) but this morning are back. He did raise the price by U.S. $2 but that's still a good price for a good blade.
  13. Got 300 Shark S/S on the way. Would I order from them again? Wellllll Yaaaaaaaaaaa.
  14. Ordered my 300 today. Looked on ebay and did not see it. Went to Bestshaves store and found it there.
  15. That is a relief. Having a 5 plus year supply currently, I wonder if I can order in another 5 years worth and not raise the ire of good lady? Hmmm.......
  16. Which do you value more highly, a CCS or connubial bliss? :devil:
  17. That's an easy question to answer.
  18. If the lady is worth being married to, she won't care what you order. Just don't spend the kids college fund on razor blades! Remember, SWMNBO means "she who must NOT be obeyed".
  19. Just ordered my 300. Thanks for the tip fellas!!
  20. I ordered the 300 Sharks from Best Shave's Ebay store, which goes under the name Store34 about six months ago, I think I paid $23 on the bay, later I learned about his web site, and realized that he was selling them for $21. Presently he has nothing listed on his ebay store.

    A few weeks ago, I ordered 300 Astra SS blades, which with shipping were $31.60, a great price for a great blade. I like the sharks and use them at least a few times a week, but the Astra SS's are my new go to blade. Additionally, he has great prices on Astra SP's, Derbys, Perma-Sharps and Arko and Derby cremes.

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