Have slant, will travel (Slant versus Bull Mastiff, New head)

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Slant versus BRW New?

  1. Stick with the Slant and live happily ever after

  2. BRW Bull Mastiff New head SHORT combs

  3. BRW Bull Mastiff New head LONG combs

  4. Other (detailed in the thread)

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  1. Hello there and happy weekend to you all.

    I recently acquired a Merkur 37c slant and have shaved with it everyday for the past month and have quite enjoyed the smooth shave with fewer passes compared to other closed-comb razors I've tried.

    I started checking out Gillette New heads (both long and short combs), particularly those offered on the Bull Mastiff handle (I do like the regular handle over the deluxe handle). I've gathered from some that the New OC may compare favorably with the slant and have longer blade life. I've read some feel the short combs are either very similar to long combs, slightly more aggressive or just easier to wield in certain areas (i.e. mustache under the nose).

    Stick with the Slant and live happily ever after? Try a BRW -- short or long combs? Different option altogether?
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  2. How will you know if you like it if you don't try it first?

    I prefer the Old Type to the NEW and have two on BRW handles. One is a BRW Improved handle that I have had about a year. The other is the Bull Mastiff Deluxe with a flared knob and a magnet that I picked up last Spring. I love them both and they are my only 2 DE razors I still keep around. I had a standard BM in the past and found the grip a bit lacking. That is just me and as always YMMV

    You might try finding an inexpensive bar handle NEW to try before dropping the coin on a BRW masterpiece. Spend some time with it and if you like it, then get one from Bob.
  3. I also prefer the "Old Type" to the NEW, but prefer the Slant to both of them. The Slant is one of my two "go to" razors. The other is a Ever Ready 1912.

  4. Thanks for the thoughtful responses, Dave and Dale. Maybe I will just get to know my slant better and possibly pick up an inexpensive Old Type and NEW somewhere down the line.
  5. I would suggest picking up a NEW and using it with its own handle. If you like it then look at changing the handle if you wish. The NEW was arguable the best razor made by Gillette. Aggressive but not harsh, smooth but not too mild they just got everything right.
  6. alex2363

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    new head long.....................
  7. Update:

    I picked up an old type and, with all other variables the same, have had two of the best shaves of my life. It looks like, in response to the thread title, I will travel.

    Haven't had any success finding a NEW, preferably bar handle, at a fair price.
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  8. For me, it's a standard-issue Muhle R41 2011. No need for a slant, or anything else IMO.
  9. Jim, you read my mind. I keep thinking about the 2011 Muhle R41. Before trying the slant and old type, I didn't think of myself as an aggressive razor kind of guy. I have since found that I love 2 pass shaving and need an aggressive razor to do that with my beard (which is not thick but is apparently coarse). The old type is a small but definite step above the slant in aggressiveness, in my limited experience, and I like it. I am concerned that the R41 may be too aggressive for me, though.
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  10. I have to agree with those singing the praise of the old type, although I don't find too much difference between the old and the new type, I can use them interchangeably without any problem. both are extremely close shaving, yet don't cause irritation.
  11. Update: tried NEW long and short comb and sold those along with the slant. So I did travel... to the old type. Thanks for the great advice in this thread to prevent me from a premature purchase that I would have regretted.

    I am also enjoying the NEW Improved head on my Tuckaway. Nice feel and weight. I need more experience with it to compare it to my current favorite old type.
  12. My choice is easy-other. I have a BRW handle that fits both style New heads, as well as my vintage Merkur slant head. Life is good! But, any of these are fine choices.
  13. Since acquiring the Muhle R41, my slant (39C) and Gillette NEW (long tooth comb) have all taken a back seat. I have attached a BRW deluxe XL bull Mastiff handle to the R41. Need to order another handle for the Gillette NEW. Just need to decide to go with the XL handle or a standard length for the R41.
  14. stick with the slant - for ever ever ever ever ;)
  15. YOU KNOW Sir, and i could not agree with you more.
  16. +1 on this. I keep trying to find a razor better than my slant, and I cannot. Might as well come to grips with my RAD and realize that I've already got my favorite razor.
  17. I tried the R41 2011, and, while nicely aggressive, it just didn't do it for me like the slant. Maybe its the "scything" action of the slant, but it just glides more smoothly than the R41. I'm sure they're both just as efficient, but I really felt the tugging and scraping with the R41, whereas the slant is more "silent but deadly."
  18. if you think the slant delivers a smooth shave, the Cobra from classic shaving, while pricier, is just wow....
  19. Love my Slant, but also love my NEW on a long handle (it's a homemade frankenrazor, not a BRW). They're both comparable. I like the longer handle and heavy weight of my NEW, but it might be just a touch less effective than the Slant. Either gives a nice shave, though.

    I'm really looking forward to picking up a BRW NEW to compare.
  20. +1 Love the Old Type but couldn't justify a custom handle. Found a Canadian Gillette Tech for a good price at an antique shop. It had a nice handle so I swapped that handle with the one on the Old Type. Now my "frankenrazor" looks as good as it shaves.

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