Hate to admit this, but.

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  1. I got a BBS with a Gillette Fusion today :blushing:

    I had some old cartridges laying around from my pre-DE days. My stuff is packed for a vacation and I needed something to shave with. I picked it up and used it, and I got an effortless BBS. Honestly, it was one of the closest shaves of my life. However, I am not going to go back to carts for two very important reasons:

    1. The carts cost a lot of money!!! and
    2. The carts cost way too much money!!!

    Also, I think the reason I got a good shave with it relate to the facts that I was using Mike's instead of canned goo, I did a three-pass technique which I developed with a DE to begin with, and I had two days of growth (which was the only way I could get a decent shave back when I used carts). I have a feeling that for daily use, it would not work as well as my DE does.
  2. I always get a BBS with a cart; but I also always shave the same way. I don't have a cart method vs a DE method. I shave with three passes WTG/XTG/ATG whatever I'm using. With the safety factor of a cart which in turn allows more speed and easier to perform-more aggressive touch ups, I actually find it easier to get a BBS with a cart.
    But there's no fun, nor is there any class to a cart. No Zen.
  3. Me too - effortless BBS with M3 (especially with Erasmic or GT soap), but so far as DE is concerned, this is an ongoing training project for me & one I'm especially enjoying, so if I have very little time, the M3 is used; more time = DE
  4. tm3


    Could not have said it better myself.
  5. Carts rip out my whiskers and skip interminably. I had literally reduced my shaving to a beard trimmer on it's lowest setting and a Fusion pass or two, WITH traditional wet shaving prep, once a month. I'm not going back to the suffering and irritation anytime soon, but I'm glad to hear I'm a statistical anomaly.
  6. Excellent insight! What a great line.
  7. Once in a while if I'm really late I'll use an m3 and get a BBS. And then I'll get zits and remember why I don't use that on my face anymore. If I'm late, it's better if I didn't shave at all and waited til the following day to get a shave of champions
  8. Unfortunately or fortunately I can't use carts regularly as I get ingrowns from shaving with the multi-blade plastic fantastics. But when I have to use one for travel for example my shave with them has improved. By applying techniques picked up from learning to use DE razors like cold water shaving, replacing the canned goo with brush and soap and having a multi-pass shave.
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    It's easy to get a good shave with a cart or disposable with the improved technique from practicing with a DE or Straight. Carts were invented to create a simple and safer alternative, but with that mentality it also spawned rushed and lazy technique. Using the cart with what you have learned from going back to basics can lead to a great shave for most people, and using better soap won't gunk up the blades... But it takes all the fun out of your process!
  10. When you know how to shave then it all becomes a cake walk. :wink2:
  11. Common guys...

    People either have class or "zen" and what you use to shave doesn't make the difference. This is all just a matter of personal preference.
  12. Nothing to be embarrassed about at all. If you found something that works great for you, then good for you. Go with it.

    A couple months ago, I came across the new Fusion Pro Glide with 4 extra cartridges at Walmart on sale for $10. I sprang on it just to see how it went. I could get a near effortless BBS out of it as well, but I found that after 3-4 days straight of using it, I would get little red bumps everywhere. They weren't razor burn, so I'm not sure why they would come up, but they would. I think they were caused by the lubrication strip. Whatever it was, it didn't work for me. Replacement blades were too expensive to even think about anyhow.
  13. I almost always got a great shave from a Sensor Excel, Mach3 or most other carts....problem was all the ingrown hairs that followed :cursing: I still get a few, but I'd say the #'s been cut at least 75% by switching to DE.
  14. The fusion is an excellent cart thats for sure. However its so expensive and takes the fun out of shaving. Not to mention that I can notice the carts degrade after 2-3 shaves, and it gets to a point were it just becomes really annoying to shave with. I'd rather shave with 1-2 times super sharp blade, and toss it for a fresh one.

  15. That's like saying a Katana is just a sword [​IMG]

    When I have guests at my house those who don't shave with either a single or double edged blade or a SE sit at the children's table :lol:
  16. Agreed. The Fusion gave me a fabulous shave and zero irritation. But my prep and approach were virtually identical to how I shave with a DE. Somehow, I'm really enjoying the DE method.
  17. Once you know how to shave you can get BBS with a broken beer bottle :001_smile
  18. Expensive yes, but I get a lot of use out of them. They last me a long time. For $15 a pack of 4 carts lasts me 4 months. Still...very expensive. And that "gimmick" of a lube strip. What the hell is that thing all about? Just a snake oil salesman selling trick if you ask me. Lube what? The strip is not before the blades it's after. So the blade shaves then lubes? Shouldn't it be lubed first? What is it supposed to sooth the skin after the blade? Give me a break man.

    Either way, I think it's a load of crap and I actually used to rip that strip right out before even shaving. Now I don't go through the trouble anymore but by the time I'm done with my Fusion cart that strip is toast!!! Gone!
  19. When I used carts I had to use skin clearing shaving cream in order to combat the zits they caused. Even still, I was not comfortable shaving every day. Today, no more carts, no more zits, no more medicated shaving cream. All have been replace with: what razor, soap, cream, AS, etc. today? I'll take the morning quandary over the carts any day.
  20. Funny thing is that a mach 3 irritates my face much less than the newer fusion/vibration/thin blade whatever models. Those always give me razor burn and they're so big and bulky. Mach 3 is the sweet spot for me as far as cartridges go.

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