Hashir Straight Razors?

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  1. I'm looking to get into straights and noticed that there are some pretty cheap straights by the name of Hashir on the Bay. The price almost looks too good to be true for a decent razor. Does anyone know anything about these? Would they make a good entry level straight?

  2. i have never tried that brand but it looks like it is made in pakistan... it is a hit or miss proposition...

    you can find a nice razor off the BST
  3. As Paco said pakistani stuff is hit or miss-mostly miss.
  4. I stopped even looking at the bay after my first visit to the Buy Sale Trade forum.
  5. I have two vintage razors: one from the BST and one from whipped dog. Both were affordable and I know that the edges were ready to go. I think this is vital, I am still learning and am glade that I have a standard of sharpness to go by.
  6. Yeah...I think my chances are better w/ Whipped Dog or BST.
  7. I know this was a long time ago, but stay away from hashir. My buddy wanted the edge "refreshed" because he said it pulled the hair out of his face more than cut it. Well it was crooked as hell. Literally. The edge, and spine, were crooked. I took it to my Norton 220/1000 for darn near 3 hours of trying to straighten and sharpen that blade. I tried 4 different honing approaches and I can conclude this. There is no getting a sharp edge on that razor. My advice? Never ever buy a hashir
  8. Extremly hard to hone. I would steer clear.
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  9. Holy thread revival batman!

    Almost 3 yrs old...
  10. I didn't see the date. When posting lol.
  11. Whatever! I'm just doing my duty as a gentleman and helping anyone else in avoiding a headache. My poor Norton 220/1000 looks like it got hit by a Mac truck! Haha.
  12. I have tried to find straight razors and accessories on BST but it always says there are no search matches...
  13. I think you need 50 posts.

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