Has Old Spice changed it's formula?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Androclese, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. The Title says is all. I bought a bottle today just to see if I wasn't imagining things. To me it smells different than it used to in the day's when they still had the old ships on the bottle. If it has changed does anyone know if anyone is making a clone with the old recipe or an NOS that might be available.
  2. Yes, the current US "original" is different.
    Yes, the real original is available, imported from India.

    Do a google search for shulton india and the first result will explain the changes to to the new US version and have a listing for the original version for sale from a US based vendor.
  3. Thanks for that, haiti!

    Is there anywhere else in the US (other than Ebay) to get the Original Cologne?
  4. Anyone know if the Indian made one is available to the UK? I would love to get some.
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    Funny you mention this - my assistant came into my office the other day asking for a suggestion for a new AS for her husband as she doesn't like the new versin of OS.

    Needless to say, I suggested a Booster product and happened to have a bottle of Polar Ice in my drawer so she could take a whiff - she approved and has asked me to grab her a bottle next time I'm by the store.
  6. Why is it that P&G has to tinker with a classic formula that has stood the test of time? Damn them anyway:mad:
  7. If you do the search you will find a vendor who is not ebay. It sells for $12.50 a bottle. In fact, it is the vendor's website. I have seen this vendor's name edited out of certain threads about blade sampler packs, so I don't know if it is ok to mention his name.
  8. I buy the original from a vendor in India for about $9 a bottle including shipping that takes less than a week. Some Walmarts, Dollar General and similar stores have the new American formula for $5 or $6.

  9. I've decided that the new formula will do in a pinch, and at the price, I'll probably keep some around, but can you post or pm me with the details of how to order direct from India?

  10. Me too please, I would love to get my hands on some of the original.
  11. So is the 'new' original really all that different?

    My post on the subject in another thread:

  12. I don't necessarily recommend buying any product from an Indian vendor. I just reported my own personal experience where my transaction was excellent. I made only one purchase getting three original and three lime Old Spice last summer. The price today is 271 rupees or $6.74 and shipping for six brings that up to roughly $9 a bottle. I'm sure shipping is higher for just one bottle.



    Original formula from India is available from the vendor of shaving supplies in Florida whose links are censored in this forum. His price is $12.50 plus shipping.

  13. I think the new version has a much stronger spice fragrance. Some might like it better than the original. I imagine P&G did some blind smell tests and some test marketing before switching the formula. I doubt that there's much manufacturing cost difference.

    I keep trying Old Spice knock offs especially those in dollar stores. Nothing I've tried has come close to the original but the one on the right isn't bad as a cheap spicy aftershave. Both of these cost a dollar.


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  15. Androclese-

    If you have a Family Dollar store near you just pick up a bottle of Ivy Club Spice aftershave. It's made by Vi-Jon--its in a cream colored bottle with nautical motifs on it. It costs $1.60.

    If you like the original Old Spice you are going to be pleasantly surprised!!

    Marty E.

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  16. +1.

    My uncle had this exact bottle! Nice smell too
  17. Your uncle sounds like a heck of a guy! :thumbup1: Now go steal his bottle! :lol:

    BTW, the razor in your avatar looks exactly like the one I learned to shave with. Exactly. Did you raid my trash can about ten years ago? :biggrin:


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