Has Anyone Finished a Soap Before?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by k4dm0nky, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. I am just curious if anyone has finished a soap or cream before? I still have a tub of Mamabears soap, Proraso, and a few others. I use them quit often, and honestly I think I can get a few more years out of them still!
  2. Yes! i usually stick to one until it is done.
  3. clk


    You're suppose to finish them? I feel like they get bigger every time I use them!
  4. Yes, but mostly Arko sticks.
  5. Graybeard57

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    I've finished many soaps!

    (Full Disclosure: all finished soaps were samples)
  6. I've gotten through a couple VDH pucks. They go pretty quick. I also let the trash can "finish" some Williams once.
  7. Yes; so far I've finished a VdH Deluxe (2 in fact), an AOS soap, a TOBS stick, and a tub of Castle Forbes cream. So as long as you don't have too many going at one time, you will finish them.
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  8. I used to do this, but now I keep about a dozen in rotation, as I like the variety. It does seem to take forever to use them up this way, though.
  9. I have finished many a puck of VDH. However, lately I have been on a Godrej kick and the VDH doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
  10. I was never a big VDH fan. I remember back when I had it in rotation I could use one up in about a week. It just never lathered that well for me without using LOTS and LOTS of product.
  11. Actually finished? So far 1 cream and no soaps. However I'm 17 straight shaves into a puck of Ogallala Bay Rum shave soap and plan to stick with it until it's gone just to prove to myself that I can do it. When the Ogallala is gone I'll think about doing the same with one of my other 10 soaps.
  12. Before I ever heard of B&B I finished lots and lots of (the same) soaps. It became a little harder after I discovered this universe of shavedom, that is for sure. Especially with 1kg bricks and 0.5kg bars it is getting much more difficult. This year I finished a stick of Palmolive (that was open for at least two years) and a tub of Monsavon (that I bought in the summer of '09). For '13 I plan on finishing a stick of Tabac (in use since '08) and getting through the last bit of my brick of Cella. When there is time (shaves) left I might finish a stick of Speick as well (open since '08 or '09).

    You see, with patience it does happen. Slowly.
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    Finished a soap? Not since last week...
  14. That says a lot right there. Using more than one soap at a time was really not even a consideration.
  15. That's been my method of late.

    So far I have finished four pucks of VDH, a couple of pucks of Godrej Shaving Round, a puck of QCS Green Irish Tweed, a puck of Vintage Williams, and several tubes of C.O. Bigelow Shaving Cream.

    My shaving mug presently has about 80% of Erasmic Shaving Soap (the puck not the stick) that is on top of 20% of Praire Creations Walther's Shaving Soap (her interpretation of Vintage Williams), which is on top of 20% of a puck of VDH. If I ever reach the bottom, I have QCS, Tabac, and VDH on tap to replace it.
  16. I have finished a few tubes of C.O. Bigelow and Real Shave Co. shave cream, a few Palmolive and Arko sticks, but never a full puck of soap. I was both thrilled and somewhat saddened to see the bottom of my Old Spice mug through a widening doughnut of Mike's Natural Barbershop. Fortunately I have a few extra pucks of Mike's in reserve.

    The real challenge is to finish some middle-aged pucks of Tabac, Cella and MWF which seem almost seem lke they will last for ever.

  17. Yep, sure have.
  18. All Williams, right?
  19. Maybe...Also finished off a puck of Surrey this year!

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